Monday, September 29, 2008

Our 'square foot garden' project

After a dismal summer vegetable garden, we decided to 'try' to redeem our poor garden boxes. Did I mention that our veggies didn't even grow this summer? Yeah...pretty humbling for a couple of gardeners like us, you know?!

So...we picked up on this idea called 'square foot gardening' that means you literally farm a 1' x 1' section of your garden. After sectioning our entire garden with string, we have a ton of little gardens that seem more manageable. Casey and I bought some seeds to start our garden for the Fall (cool season veggies!) and we were on our way!

About 2 weeks after sowing the seeds in the boxes, we are rockin' and rollin' towards edible plants, folks! I can see the funny little sprouts that will someday be carrots, green onions, snap peas, radishes, lettuce and pak choi! Casey has no idea yet...but he'll get to pull the carrots and radishes right from the dirt by Thanksgiving...I hope!

Cross your fingers for our garden...and give it a go with some cool season veggies if you've pulled out your tomatoes too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open time!

Casey visited Dr. Mar, our awesome dentist this afternoon. It was his second visit to see Dr. Mar, but this time he had his teeth cleaned, flossed and he even got an x-ray! I am thrilled to report that Casey has 20 healthy teeth and excellent "spacing"!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ava + Casey+ Lola = Good Times!

This past weekend we flew to Portland to visit Leif, Sierra, Ava and Lola.

We hadn't seen them since April so we expected little Lola, (now 17 months old), to have changed a lot.

Lola: When we saw her in April she was barely walking, now not only is she walking, she is dancing. She babbles constantly. She looks at you, points and babbles. She really thinks you know what she is saying. She is adorable.

Ava: I didn't think it was possible for Ava to have gotten any sweeter and prettier, but she has. Ava and Casey played absolutely beautifully together. They simply adore one another. It is heart warming to watch them fall in love with each other all other again. Casey went to sleep tonight crying for his sweet.

We had an absolutely wonderful time. It is always hard to say goodbye. We look forward to seeing them this winter after our little guy is born.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday Dawn!

Last night we celebrated our cousin Dawn's 40th Birthday! Dawn makes 40 look sooo beautiful and fun. To know Dawn is to love her. We wish you all the best this year. You just keep getting better!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy 37 years Mom and Dad!

Happy 37th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you and celebrate your tenacity!

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

Happy 60th Birthday Dad! I love you soo much. Thank you for sharing your beautiful genes with me and your best personality traits; such as your incredible sweet tooth, outstanding sense of humor and amazing work ethic. You are fair and kind and you love animals almost more than people. I get that, I get you.

I hope you have a wonderful year! We all adore you!


Nora, Pedar and Casey (and your soon-to-be third grandson!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy 3rd Anniversary Bridget & Chuck!

Happy Anniversary Bridget and Chuck. We love you very much!


A couple of boys at Casey's school have mohawk's. Casey thinks they are super cool so Pedar did the best he could do with Casey's wavy hair. He was so excited to go to school and share his awesome new hairstyle.