Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We got up early this morning and walked three miles in the "Run to Feed the Hungry!" This has been a tradition for us for the past seven years. Casey loved it and we love being out with the Sacramento community in the morning and getting a little exercise in before we stuff our faces!!

We hope you have an awesome day. We are grateful to have such amazing friends and family. We are SO LUCKY!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Casey caught a fish!

Casey's friend Riley bought him an awesome Spider Man fishing pole... so we set out this morning to catch a whopper! I think Casey was most excited about the big red worms we bought for bait. We put his pole in the river and the next thing we knew...he caught a fish! When we told him we needed to put it back in the river he said, "No, I want to cook it and eat it for dinner!" It was so cool. We almost caught two more, but they got away. It was a very successful first fishing adventure. We look forward to many more!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apple Hill

Bridget, Nana, Pop-Pop and I recently went up to Apple Hill with Liam and Casey. We had a great time and have adorable pictures to share!

...a hole in my kitchen, dear Liza...dear Liza

So...with less than seven weeks to go till we meet our little guy, I am increasingly becoming anxious about getting things organized and completed. I am still working full time and being super Mom to Casey, which doesn't leave much time for cleaning, organizing and completing all those darn little projects I REALLY want to finish before baby Erik arrives.

Pedar is working on "the hole in the kitchen" project. We have had an empty closet in our kitchen, it used to be the home for the heater, for over four years. We have completed several other projects in the interim, but just haven't gotten to this one. The goal is to finally make this closet into a pantry. Pedar has stripped it, put in a floor and completed the electrical. I pray that this weekend he will sheet-rock it and we will be well on our way to completing this darn thing.

Ladies: You know what it means when your husband is completing house projects, it means that the child attention/entertainment falls on you. I love that the project is getting done, but it really needs to get done soon, know what I mean?

We also hired a very talented carpenter, Naman, to build a small desk/cabinet to contain our desk/computer. Erik's room was the office, and now it is a very cute nursery. The cabinet is sitting in the garage, just waiting to be painted and installed.

Our house was built in 1955, it is about 1188 square feet with 3 small bedrooms and 2 small bathrooms. The closets are tiny and there is no door directly to the garage, you've got to walk around the back or the front to do your laundry in the garage. This normally isn't an issue unless it is raining, or you really just want to start a quick load without bringing your baby or child with you, so you take a risk and run to the garage and by the time you get back the kid has made a holy mess or is crying his eyes out because he realized you were gone and wants out of his playpen!! Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful to own a house. It is just now, during this VERY hormonal phase of time, that I wish for less old and more new.

We have two couples that inspire me to keep my mouth shut; Josh & Jen and Kealii & Claire. They each live in less than 1000 sq feet homes. They have one bathroom in their house. Whenever we go to visit them, their houses always look amazing, they are filled with love and joy. When I start to get on my rant about the laundry room or small closets and tiny kitchen/living space rant....I think of them and I shut my mouth in humility.

I really look forward to posting pictures of our finished kitchen project soon. I hope you all are doing great and look forward to seeing you.