Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video of Casey's dance

Casey's dance show

Casey has been taking dance by Miss Nicole at Village Montessori. Nicole has an extensive background in dance and the kids adore her!! On Tuesday night Casey performed his Aladdin dance and he was adorable!!

Tonight Casey graduates from preschool. He will be attending kindergarten at Village Montessori for 09-10 and will move on to elementary school in 2010. He is writing his name and is very interested in reading. He knows his numbers and loves to create artwork. We will miss his current teachers Miss Gina and Miss Chrissy sooo much! They have already claimed Erik as their student when he begins at Montessori, so we will look forward to being a part of their classroom again!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pajaro Dunes...

Friday: As of this minute I am staring at the ocean out our townhouse window and watching Erik sleep in Pedar's arms. Casey is playing with Kekoa and Kealii just finished making us all lunch! Life is good! We went to Watsonville last night for a quick grocery run and dinner. Our townhouse at Pajaro Dunes is right on the beach...the view is spectacular. I will load pics soon. I am so happy to be out of my house. The drive here yesterday went sooo well!! We got here by 3 p.m. and had time to go to the beach. Kealii, Claire and Kekoa arrived a bit after 9 p.m. and we stayed up way too late talking...but it was soo much fun to sit around and chat.

On Saturday we played at the beach and then went into Santa Cruz for a bit of window shopping. We came back and Kealii made a delicious dinner and the kids watched a movie in the back bedroom. Sweet Kekoa woke up on Sunday really not feeling well so after a bit of time on the beach they packed up and headed back home. We missed them and hoped that Kekoa would recover quickly from his nasty flu bug. We went into Moss Landing and had a delicious dinner and then went out to the beach. Monday morning we packed up but stayed and played at the beach until after Noon. Casey LOVED the ocean. The best part was just walking out of the condo directly onto the beach. We hope to visit on an annual basis!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Erik's first pool dip....

Erik liked his first dip in a pool!! Casey of course loves it and is sooo excited for his swim lessons to begin again in a couple of weeks!

Uncle Steve's 60th!

We drove to Castro Valley this weekend to celebrate my awesome Uncle Steve's 60th Birthday! We stayed the night at a hotel in Pleasanton. Casey loved staying at the hotel!

My Uncle's party was so much fun. He and several of his cousins created a band and entertained us with their rocking tunes! In between numbers, a DJ had the karaoke machine going and most of the partygoers gave it a try! We got to meet my cousin Stephanie's new little guy Lukas, he is soo tiny and absolutely adorable. It was great to see family, I wish I had more time to visit with everyone. My Mom's family is soo big, I swear we need name tags at every event!!

We drove home Sunday to experience 105 degrees in Sacramento...yucky!! Later that day we were lucky to celebrate Dagny's Birthday in G.G.'s pool and cool off. Erik took his first dip in a pool and he liked it!! Erik HATES his carseat so driving long distances is a bit stressful. We are driving to Santa Cruz this weekend and we are praying this drive goes much smoother!! Damnit kid, just sleep like the rest of the babies!!

We had a great weekend and celebrated two amazing folks! This week we are just adjusting to the heat and preparing for our fun beach trip. I have two weeks till I go back to work. I am trying to just enjoy every minute of my sweet boys.

Love to you all....

Rockclimbing fun!

We went to "Celebrate Davis" the other night because Pedar was helping out at the Explorit Science Center booth. Pedar is a board member for Explorit and is really impressed with the museum. If you haven't gone to Davis and checked it out with your kids...make time to visit, they really need your support!! Check out their website for more info:

Anyways...the "Celebrate Davis" event was great, but Thursday evening happened to be close to 100 degrees and the park where it was held was not very shady! We all melted a bit. Erik was licking my lemonade was really crazy!

The Rocknasium ( had this great rock wall for kids to try and Casey LOVED it! He begged to do it twice. He especially loved falling off the wall because he felt like he was flying! We were tickled that he liked it so much because rockclimbing at the Rocknasium was one of our favorite places we used to go on dates. We would love to go more and look forward to climbing with Casey.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Dagny!

Sweet sister Dagny is celebrating a birthday today (5.15.09)!!

We love you and hope you have a rocking good day! We hope your dreams of finding a home in midtown happens easier than you expect it to!! All things are possible!

Erik, Casey, Pedar and I are sending you hugs and love today on your very special day!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Dagny
Happy Birthday to you

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Hot Mama's in my life. Motherhood isn't glamorous, but it has its perks! Some days I need reminding of its perks...I know I'm not alone when I lament on the 24/7 job that is Motherhood. But today is the day that we are appreciated and told how much we are loved!! TODAY IS GOOD! I need more days like today! I need Erik to take the bottle so I can have an entire day of self appreciation soon!!! Enough venting...

I had a terrific Mother's Day!! My sweet husband got me the two smoke bushes I have been wanting for our garden. He already worked hard at removing some old plants and putting in the new ones for me.

I told Casey a few days ago to tell Daddy that I wanted a facial for Mother's Day. I didn't know if Casey had remembered to tell him, so I wasn't expecting one. This morning Pedar and Casey handed me the gift certificate, Pedar told me that Casey had said to him, "Dada, I know what Mom wants for Mother's Day!! She wants a racial!" So adorable.

Pedar made us french toast this morning and we spent the day doing some yard work and taking it easy. Erik has a nasty rash on his arms, legs and face and isn't feeling like his sweet self, so we are having a low key day. I am loving how relaxed I feel.

I am a lucky Mama. I have two healthy and loving boys and a SUPER loving and handsome husband! THANK YOU GOD!

And for my Mommy and Pedar's Mommy...We celebrated them earlier this weekend. They are loved and appreciated for all they do and all they have done!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sack of sugar is 4-months-old

My "little sack of sugar".. also known as Erik, is 4-months-old! He had his 4-month appointment today and here are his stats:

Weight: 13 pounds, 14 ounces
Height: 25 1/4 inches long

Casey at four months was 16 pounds, 8 oz and 26 inches long. Casey may always be the BIG brother..who knows, maybe Erik will surprise us all and be taller than Casey!

Erik is smiling and laughing so much now. He loves to communicate with us by making the raspberry noise. We banter by sticking out our tongues and should come over and try it..he is so fun!

I have a little less than a month at home and then I am back to work. I am mostly worried right now because Erik is STILL not loving the bottle. We are just going to have to white knuckle it and make it happen!

What I know for sure is that I am so in love with my boys. I am so grateful for my life, especially because Pedar, Erik and Casey are in it!!

I love you all!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Margery's show: "What do you love?"

Margery just performed her show: "What do you love?" in San Francisco at the RRazz Room at the Hotel Nikko and last night at the Geery Theatre on L Street in Sacramento as part of Grahamrama! Almost every Sunday evening at 7 p.m and 9 p.m. you can be entertained by talented artists! For more information:

Margie was a HUGE hit last night! I am very proud! Here is a link to a few of the songs she sang last night:

If I screwed up the link..forgive me and just go to youtube and type: Margery Bailey

She is hoping to perform again soon! I promise to spread the word so you can help me support my very talented sister.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Liam!

Happy 2nd Birthday Liam!! We love you so much! Your dimples and your laughter make us fall in love with you more each day! Casey adores you and looks forward to teaching you all of his games and tricks.

We love you Liam!