Monday, June 29, 2009

Death and Dying...conversations with a 4-year-old

Casey's teacher called me on Thursday to tell me that Casey was really upset because one of his classmates had told him that everyone dies and that when we die, we will not see that person again, we were just going to be dead. This really upset him and Miss Kelly had to hold him and calm him down. By the time I got to his school he was feeling better. Miss Kelly had convinced him that his Mom might know a bit more than a five-year-old, well at least on the topic of death. I decided that we needed a cookie for this conversation, so we got a sweet treat and settled down for a chat.

I asked Casey what was it that really upset him. "She said that I would never see you again!," said Casey. I told him I wasn't planning on dying anytime soon, and that I believe when we die, we go to a Heavenly-like place...where we are surrounded by our loved ones that have passed before us. So even when I do die, we will be together again. I told him that God would take care of him, so that he never felt scared or alone and all he ever had to do was talk to God and ask for help. He then said, "You know Mom, when you die, you are no longer sick or hurt, you are perfect and you feel great." I couldn't speak at the moment...thank goodness for sunglasses...I just nodded and said, "Yep, isn't God great?!"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Sierra!

Happy Birthday Sierra! We hope you have a fantastic day filled with wonderful treats! We love you and miss you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! A special shout out to my Dad and Pedar's Dad and to Leif and Chuck. We are blessed to know so many amazing Dad's. But today for me, it is all about Pedar. Pedar is the best Dad. He is patient, loving, helpful, creative, fun, hardworking and silly. He is the best partner, willing to help with absolutely anything, and that makes me the luckiest girl. I love Pedar...all the time, no matter what and I know he loves me and would do anything for me. I love you honey....

to the man I love.
this is just a note
to say thank you
for being my husband
for being my partner
my lover, my friend...

my yes when
everything else is no...
my calm when
everything is crazy...

this is just a note
to say Thank You
for being who you are..
for being the kind of guy
who can laugh at himself..
a guy who works hard..
who still finds time
for the people in his life...

this is just a note to say
Happy Father's Day
and I love you

Happy Anniversary! 39 years!

Happy Anniversary Jim and Karen! June 20th will always be a magical day for you two. 39 years of marriage is inspiring. Keep up the great work!! We love you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mama bear and baby bear...

We saw a mama bear and baby bear at Tahoe. The baby bear moved so quickly it was hard to get a good pic.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We saw a bear!!

We went to the cabin this weekend with our neighbors, Mel, Jim and Jacob. Aunt Dagny drove up Saturday afternoon and we all dined on delicious vittles. Our first morning at the cabin we were all looking out the window at the big gray clouds and Jim said,"Look boys, a bear!" We thought he was kidding...but NOPE! It was the first time I ever saw a bear that close to the cabin. Later that morning Melanie, the boys and I enjoyed a dip in the hot tub. We braved the cold to explore Sugar Pine Point and Chamber's Beach. It was drizzling all day and the high was about 44 degrees. Even though it was pretty darn chilly, we all enjoyed a Chamber's punch. The boys had a blast turning blue and playing. We were the only folks at the beach...we couldn't even begin to describe to Mel and Jim what the beach typically looks like..wall to wall bodies..barely a spot on the sand..what a difference 30 degrees makes! Sunday was much warmer and we hung out for a bit before heading back down to reality. I always wish we could stay one more day....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My little graduate...

Casey graduated from preschool! It was a precious ceremony. The kids sang a few songs and then one by one they stood up on a little podium and received their diploma and shook Miss Gina and Miss Chrissy's hand. I looked around the room and didn't see many parents tearing up...but boy oh boy..I was like Niagra Falls. My little separation anxiety ridden all grown up. He pushes me out the gate now every morning at drop-off. He still loves to be home with me, but he is almost always ready to get to school. What a difference huh? If only I knew now how fine Casey was going to be when he was going through his crazy crying jags at drop-off. Every night and every morning he would say, "No school today?"..or "No school tomorrow?" It was awful. But look at him...all smiles and joy. He is one of the biggest kids at his school, but he still wants to be our little Casey. He wants to be carried like a baby wrapped in his towel after his bath..all 47 pounds of him. Hee sucks growing up and learning that you are too heavy to be held. We will keep holding him as long as we can...but his days are numbered.

I love you Casey and I am so proud of the person you are becoming. You are funny and sweet and you have SO MUCH ENERGY!! Please share your energy...or at least use it to help your Mama!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Erik is five-months-old. He is rolling over onto his side and saying what sounds like, "Da-Da!" He loves to smile and if you tickle him under his chin he laughs very easily.

Back to it...

I am back to work. I am so happy today is over. We did a dry-run this Saturday and I think it helped me prepare being away from Erik. Sharon, our daycare provider did call this afternoon and tell me that Erik would not take the bottle. He was screaming in the background, it was awful. I left work and fed him and went back. I am just looking forward to him getting bigger, eating food and moving on to better sippy cups!

I didn't experience this with Casey because I didn't nurse him very long. This is all new to me....this not liking the bottle craziness. It will pass. I will not be so entrenched in responsibility soon.

Everyone was wonderful to me at work. Preparing for two daycare drop-off's this morning was a bit crazy..but I guess we will get used to that as well. I was incredibly anxious last night, I am very tired.

I am mostly concerned that Erik will be scarred from not being held enough or missing me, etc. I can look at Casey and see that he is OK and that does make me feel better. He is a VERY happy kid.

As long as my boys are happy and healthy, I can get through this daycare guilt/stress.