Monday, August 24, 2009

It's time to celebrate Pedar!!

Happy Birthday, Pedar! Today is my handsome husband's birthday. If it were up to him, he probably wouldn't tell a soul. He most likely won't remind anyone at work, or anyone he accidentally runs into today. Pedar likes the attention to be placed on others. Too bad darling! I want to toot your horn...especially since you rarely toot it yourself.

Who is this Pedar? What makes him so wonderful?? Pedar is loving and nurturing. He is never grumpy or put-out, even if he has had barely any sleep...he still manages to smile and move past it. He doesn't ever burden anyone with his troubles, he would rather help you with yours or just deal with it on a long bike ride. He is patient with our boys and with me. Pedar would drop everything if someone needed his help. Pedar loves his family. He also loves his neighbors and friends. He has friends that he has known since he was two-years-old. He keeps people in his life. He is handy. He has done so much to our little old house to make it beautiful, I don't know where to begin. He landscaped both the back and front yards. He created the plans, dug the holes, glued the miles of pipe, installed the sprinklers and drip lines, you name it..all of the heat. He made my dreams of a beautiful garden real. He has put in recessed lights in our house, speakers, cut out the cabinets to give me a dishwasher (I didn't have one for several years!). He rebuilt our rotted bedroom wall, replaced much of our guest bathroom and so much more. I am starting to lose track...but I still appreciate his hard work. He turned this little hovel into a sweet little home.

Pedar not only loves his family and friends, he is so PROUD of them. He is proud of the work he does at Wells Fargo. He loves the team he works with and considers himself very lucky to work for such a great organization.

Pedar is also SO CREATIVE. He is an artist. He probably wouldn't say he is..but he is. Look at the beautiful sunflowers he painted on the back of our garage, look at his doodles for goodness sake. Some day, he is going to have more time for his doodles and I think it will sink in that not everyone has that kind of talent!!

I just love Pedar. Casey adores him and Erik too. Casey asks me often, "When is Dadda going to be home?" And Erik, well he does this adorable happy dance when Pedar walks through the door. Curly runs around the backyard and tells the hood, "My Dad is home! My Dad is home!"

Pedar would do anything for me and I would do anything for him. I just want to help him make his dreams come true. Some day we will get you that Ferrari, honey. Some day we will travel to amazing, faraway places. Some day we will learn how to formally dance together. Some day we will work less and play a lot more. Thank you for being you. Thank you for flashing me that gorgeous smile, especially when I am about to pull my hair out. You keep me sane. You keep me smiling.

What I know for sure is... my biggest dream came true on September 8, 1996. I went a date with my Mr. Right. You are my dream come true. I love you. Happy Birthday.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday = Good Times!

We have had a terrific Sunday. Pedar and Casey rode their bikes to Whole Foods this morning and brought back delicious muffins. Then we went to Land Park for a picnic with Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop. After the picnic we went to Funderland and Casey also finally braved the was his first time! Finally, we ended our fun day with a trip to Vic's Ice Cream parlor for some creamy goodness!

Erik is sleeping and Casey and Pedar are out in the backyard. Ahh...I wish I could hit pause right now...sleep ten hours, exercise, clean the house, garden, grocery shop, cook and freeze delicious meals for the week and catch up on all my work spreadsheets I haven't done yet. Tomorrow will come soon and the grind will begin again. I will try not to feel like everyone wants a piece of me. I will just take some deep breaths and go with the flow. I wish you all a great week!

Creativity inspired by "Family Fun"

On Friday we got the latest issue of "Family Fun" in the mail. If you don't get this is a pretty cool resource for crafts, games and recipes for kids. You can check it out online at:

Pedar and Casey decided to make this cool newspaper house project. Pedar even made a roof for it and Casey decorated the roof with his amazing paintings.

I am so lucky to be married to someone who will roll newspaper and tape and glue for hours to make their little boy happy. Thank you Pedar for being so loving, PATIENT and creative.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friends 4-Ever

Casey has a best buddy that lives next door named Jacob. Last night we helped Jacob's sweet folks out by watching Jacob for a couple of hours while they attended a back-to-school night orientation event. What did we do?? I thought you would never ask! First the boys enjoyed a solid meal of dino-chicken's, Tator-Tot's, grapes and some Edamame. They polished that off with some chocolate pudding. Melanie, Jacob's sweet Mommy, brought super scrumptious chocolate brownies over...but lord knows I am not sharing MY brownies with two crazy four-year-old's. They wouldn't even BEGIN to appreciate the chocolaty goodness. After dessert was served...the boys played dress-up...Jacob was Batman and Casey was some Hawaiian loving/guitar-playing/sword-swinging/firefighter hero-dude. They finished the evening off with some bath time and fun in Erik's crib. Who knew cribs could be so fun??? We hope to play with Jacob again soon. We love you little Batman!!

Good Times....

This past weekend we finally met Ellie Ray. She is the fabulous new daughter of our dear friends, Josh, Jen and little son, Mason. They write their own fabulous blog:

Ellie is now over two-months-old and absolutely gorgeous. Mason is almost three and so caring, creative and communicative. We went to their amazing house of creativity this past Saturday. Josh and Jen have an organic farm in their HUGE backyard. They cook frequently in their solar oven and create amazing edible delights on a daily basis. We were blessed to enjoy Josh's sweet-berry-frenchy-toasty deliciousness and crazy good sausage. It was a great brunch. We love the Ray's. You inspire us to be creative and FUN.

On Sunday we went to Dick and Virginia Garcia's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration at the Vizcaya. What a celebration! The passion and love that these two people share for one another is so rare. I mean....50 YEARS!!! We were honored to attend the momentous occasion. At first Casey was a bit people..fancy sit down lunch...but after the DJ played the chicken dance and the hokey-pokey...he couldn't get enough of the dance floor and of his new friends!! We all had a fabulous time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

So Nora's parents took Casey for a fabulous overnight vacation of movies, toys and just plain grandparent fun! What to do on a night with just Nora, Erik and I?! Dinner and a movie, of course! We've been looking forward to this Friday night all week, actually.

I brought home some great sushi and took a long walk around the neighborhood with Erik to greet our neighbors on a Friday night. How awesome...something Casey wouldn't necessarily have appreciated. After the walk, we settled down for this great sushi and some Domaine Carneros Brut that Nora picked up from Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods). To cap off the evening, Erik passed out right on cue and we rented 'Revolutionary Road' with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. For some reason we gave this movie the nod after learning that it received an Oscar nomination.

Revolutionary Road
(Don't rent it!!!!)

Did I mention that this movie received an Oscar nomination? Did I mention that this was the first date night in longer than I can remember?! Yeah. This movie took the buzz right out of my champagne...and the mood right out of both Nora and I! At one point, the drama nearly kicked-in Nora's infamous ability to black out from stress. I wish I were kidding...but Nora spent the rest of the evening trying to get blood back in her head. Double whammy! Needless to say, if you'd rather keep your happy mood and not get nauseous from the drama and sheer sadness, take a HUGE pass on that movie and call it a night.

In conclusion, Nora and I have never been so excited to start a new day. We were more than excited to see Casey come home to hug and kiss us too.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Swim Olympics!

Casey celebrated his swim Olympics last night at Village Montessori. This summer Casey had over two months of swim lessons. He swam an hour a day, sometimes twice a day for four days a week. He quickly went from controlled drowning to cannon balling into the pool! We are so proud of how far he has come with his swimming. He is so confident in the pool now...and so are we. I am sure next year Casey will be diving for coins and swimming the length of the pool. We look forward to more fun at the pool!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pics from trip to Portland

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Portland.

Ava + Lola + Casey + Erik = AWESOME TIMES!

We had the best time in Portland this weekend. We went to the crawdad parade/festival. The kids got huge bags of candy at the parade, they were so excited. We also went to Ava's art show. She is so talented. Saturday evening Sierra and Leif treated us to a Luau in their backyard. The food, music, decorations and company was off-the-hook fabulous! We ended our weekend with a delicious brunch and fun times in their cul-de-sac.

We love you Leif, Sierra, Ava, Lola and Baxter. We cannot wait to see you again.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Older is more fun...

I'm not going to lie. I like it when babies get older. I like the stage when they are eating table food, walking, talking and sleeping really well. This baby stage is great...when they are sleeping, soundly. Don't get me wrong, Erik is adorable..I mean..really..he is soo flipping cute, but I cannot wait to chase this little man and feed him treats and hear him say words. We can just hit fast forward through this teething nonsense. I will make the most of it...I will make the most of it...

This past weekend we spent time with my Aunt Karen and Uncle David, my parents, my sister Bridget, brother-in-law Chuck, nephew Liam and their new gorgeous baby girl Lila. My aunt and uncle were a HUGE part of my childhood and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know then now, as an adult. We had a great time and I look forward to more chats.

Erik slept some during the dark part of this weekend, I wish he had slept more, but I know he will soon. Casey had an amazing Sunday. His Mor-Mor (Pedar's Mom) and his Aunt Dagny took him to a fantastic water park in Davis and to see "G-Force". They had a fantastic time. Pedar, Erik and I went for a hike. There was absolutely no whining throughout the hike...we had a non interrupted conversation...we loved it. Although, by 4 p.m. the house started to feel too quiet, I quickly got over it and decided to just soak it up, as long I could. What a nice ending to a relaxing weekend. Thank you Mor-Mor. Thank you, Aunt Dagny...please come again...soon! t