Sunday, September 20, 2009

Erik has a great giggle...

Erik loves it when I tickle his toes....Casey likes to try and make him laugh too!

The toothfairy is coming to Oxbow Drive!

Casey's tooth finally came out this morning. It has been loose for about three weeks now. We noticed that one of his front teeth was crooked and then we realized it was loose. So many folks have been commenting that he is a bit young (he will be five on Dec. 22)to loose a tooth. I think teeth, like everything else in life, have a pretty wide normal margin. Who needs to be normal anyways...


Casey smacked his chin on a table last summer and his tooth went through his bottom lip, so that injury may have helped it move along a bit faster. Anyhoo..its out. It has been hanging by a thread for the past few days. This morning, as he was biting into his breakfast he made a "yuck" face and then I saw the blood. I looked at the tooth and it was just hanging there. I grabbed a napkin and thankfully barely had to pull. It was out. Casey was very relieved that it hadn't hurt and thrilled with his new jack-o-lantern smile.

He is also thrilled to use his tooth fairy box! He has soo many questions about the tooth fairy. "Mom, how does she get inside our house? What is she going to bring? Do you think she will bring me a bongo drum? I really want a bongo drum." Craziness.

Gymnastics...or what I like to call..anything to get Casey tired on Friday's!

I am at home on Friday's with both boys and by 4 p.m. I am desperately looking out the window for Pedar to come home from work. That generally happens much closer to 6 p.m., so you can imagine that I really need to occupy Casey with enough activity so he is not bouncing off the walls and purposely waking up Erik from the precious two naps that he takes everyday! Mama Nora needs Erik sleeping for MY SANITY! Anyhoo....with the days getting shorter, colder, wetter and darker soon..I knew I needed to get Casey involved in an indoor activity on Friday' tire his cute self out. I signed him for gymnastics at Tricks! This past Friday was our first class. He had only one other student in his class so he got amazing one-one-one attention...something he doesn't get enough of lately. After gymnastics we came home and chilled for a bit and then went over to Nana and Pop-Pop's for some swimming and then we went bowling with Pedar later the same evening.

I think I packed WAY TOO MUCH into one day because poor Casey was an emotional wreck at the bowling alley. He didn't win anything at the arcade, the games were tough. He didn't win enough tickets to really pick out any good prizes and he was devestated. He was crying in the car on the way home saying,"I'm a loser, I don't know how to play the games, I'm a loser!" Kids at school have been calling eachother loser, so he knows this awful name. I was heartbroken for him. I wanted to run back in that damn arcade, slip the guy a $20, and fix it. But instead, we just went home and tried to calm him down and love him.

We turned some lemons into lemonade this weekend. Our blinds broke in our front window, they were too heavy. I was trying to open them, and they just fell down hard. Casey looks at the blinds on the floor and said to me, "Hey Mom, I think we should make a project out of the blinds!" Heck yeah baby! Let's do it. So...we carry them out to the backyard and Pedar begins braiding the blinds together and creating little huts and a tunnel. The blinds project rocked!! Casey is brilliant...and super cute too!

Mor-Mor and Nana lovin them some Casey

Casey's Mor-Mor and Nana recently went-a-traveling and brought back a souvenir for Casey!

Mor-Mor went to Canada for a brief work trip and brought back the coolest Daniel Boone, coonskin hat. Casey thinks it is so wicked cool.

Nana and Pop-Pop just got back from their anniversary cruise to Alaska and brought back the coolest t-shirts for the boys. The t-shirts change colors in the sunlight. Check it out:

Here are some pics of these fabulous souvenirs. Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts. Casey loves them!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Splash park fun!

This past Friday, the boys and I visited Liam, Bridget, Lila and Auntie Karen. Erik fell asleep in Lila's crib, so Liam, Casey and I snuck out of the house and went to a very cool splash park in West Sacramento next to Bridget's house. The temperature was hovering around was crazy hot.

After we got REALLY wet, we headed to the store for some ice cream. All that running and heat...really tired out Casey! We left Bridget's a bit after 3 p.m.

Casey and Erik fell asleep on the way home. I had to drive around my neighborhood until they woke up. It was the most peaceful drive I have had in a longggg time. Ahhh.......that was nice!

Personal challenges

I was invited to sing with an awesome jazz band this past weekend, and I did it! I practiced a number of times with my wonderful friend and crazy-talented musician, Mike Bender. He initiated this invitation and was so beautifully supportive of me throughout this process. I sang three songs. I had a good time. I could of benefited from a ton more practice and maybe a better choice of songs, but I did it. I am so grateful to my family and friends that came out to the La Perla Bistro to support me. I am also grateful to Lindsey and Lainey for babysitting my babies and making me feel so calm. I knew they were in great hands.

It felt good to push myself to do some singing again. I love to sing. As I told Pedar, "I just don't want to suck! I want to sound good!! You know?!!" Isn't that always the case, we just don't want to suck?! We really want to rock at what we do. So...I'm going to keep trying and practicing until I feel like I can rock!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goodbye Summer....

This week we said goodbye to Summer. Our time at the pool has been dwindling. Casey misses it already. He is such a good swimmer now. We recently took the training wheels off of Casey's bike. He is almost ready to go for it! We will post a video when he masters his skills.

Erik is sitting up and rolling over and trying to push his little butt up and move his arms.

Where did our summer go? What did we do??

We watched Casey become a swimmer! We went to Tahoe a number of times. We went to Pajaro Dunes with our friends over Memorial Day weekend. We went to Portland and visited our gorgeous Northwest family. We watched Erik grow and we watched Casey become an awesome big brother. I went back to work in June, and we are still learning how to juggle all that craziness. We celebrated the lives of Grandma Dagny Hoffer and Aunt Myrtle Thomas. We welcomed our gorgeous new niece, Lila Peri, into the family. We hung out with our neighbors and friends. We went to the CA State Fair for three hours! Life is good. Goodbye summer. See you next year! Only 22 more days till I decorate for Halloween! Woo Hoo!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Check out this cool Madsen Bike!

I was flipping through the pages of a very cool magazine in a physician's office the other day, waiting to speak to a doctor about our very cool services at Mercy Imaging Centers and came across a picture of this bike!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Click on picture for more info!

These bikes are VERY COOL! They are a bit pricey, but a girl can dream.

Pedar said, "Think of all the stuff you could haul in a bike like that?" I was just thinking of the kids, but the stuff is cool too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Erik is 8-months-old

Erik is 8-months-old! He is the sweetest, calmest and most kissable little guy. The only time he is upset is if he is hungry or tired. He doesn't like his carseat very much, but even then, he doesn't cry very long. He is eating a lot more food and we think he has gotten taller.

This morning we played a new game for about ten minutes straight. He made a funny noise and I would make it back. He would laugh and then look at me and make the noise again, and I would do it back. It was awesome. We were communicating.

Juggling two kids has been a big adjustment. Things don't get done like they used to, but I keep telling myself that they will someday. My family is happy and healthy and I am so grateful. The rest of our lives can fall into place later.