Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We hosted our annual Halloween get together at Casa Oxbow tonight. Mor-Mor, Pop-Pop, Nana, Bridget, Chuck, Liam, Lila and Aunt Dagny had a scary good time. Casey had been begging to go trick-or-treating for hours!!

Thank goodness Liam arrived at 5 p.m. to help distract him for a bit. We ate our spooky dinner and headed out to the hood. Erik only made it two houses. Nana took him back home and tucked him into bed.

The weather was perfect and the treats were delicious!! We had the best Halloween! We hope you did too!

Friday, October 30, 2009


We volunteered tonight at Good Shepherd Lutheran's 4th Annual Trunk-or-Treat! We had a blast. We put lights in the trunk under some orange material and had a cauldron with dry ice and spooky decorations. We blasted friendly/scary Halloween music. We had a great time.

The scariest part of the evening was when we almost ran out of candy -- I bought 480 pieces!! Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop Bruce also volunteered tonight. Mor-Mor dressed as a scary lady and the kids didn't know if she was real or a robot. Several little ones didn't even want to approach their car! GOOD JOB Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop!!

We were impressed with several trunks..we took away lots of idea for next year. We want to thank Nana for taking care of Erik. Erik was sound asleep when we got sweet! Thank you, Nana! We love you!!

Casey had a blast handing out candy. He loved checking out all the cool costumes, even the scary ones! It was a great event and we plan to REALLY go all out next year!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pre-Kindergarten school picture!

2009: Casey's pre-kindergarten picture. Casey is four-years-old.

2008: Casey's preschool picture. Casey is three-years-old.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Spiderman, Spiderman,

Does whatever a spider can

Spins a web, any size,

Catches thieves just like flies

Look Out!

Here comes the Spiderman.

Is he strong?

Listen bud,

He's got radioactive blood.

Can he swing from a thread

Take a look overhead

Hey, there

There goes the Spiderman.

In the chill of night

At the scene of a crime

Like a streak of light

He arrives just in time.

Spiderman, Spiderman

Friendly neighborhood Spiderman

Wealth and fame

He's ignored

Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up

Whenever there's a hang up

You'll find the Spider man.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wowza..what a weekend!

We had a busy weekend! We visited with Margie on Friday night. We went out to Taro's by Mikuni for sushi. SOOOO good. I wish I could eat there, I don't know, maybe 4 or 5 times a week!!

On Saturday I went for a run...yes I did! I need to run a ton more before the CIM. I'm running in a relay. I think I am only running about 6 miles..which is good, since I am lacking in muscles right now!

After the run, Aunt Dagny came over and we all went for a bike ride, even Erik! The weather has been so beautiful this past week. It was almost 80 degrees in the afternoon this weekend, pure bliss.

Saturday evening my Mom hosted a pre-Halloween costume party.It was fun to hang with the Bailey clan. Margie has been in Clear Lake, so we all haven't been together since Father's Day.

On Sunday we went to church and then hung out a bit at Good Shepherd's Oktoberfest. We then just chilled out at home and did some chores and later in the evening visited with Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop for a tiny bit. Erik has been keeping Pedar and I up at night again. We pray some teeth POP through already!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Erik's new ride: The iBert safe-T-seat

We took Erik out tonight on his new bike iBert safe-T-seat! He didn't like the helmet much, but I think he liked the ride. I am excited to just get out and not do the same walk everyday. I can go farther and with Casey and Pedar on their bikes.

First Daddy took Erik out:

Then, Mama Nora took Erik much fun:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Erik is a little dude

We took Erik in the other day for his nine-month appt. Here we are closing in on his tenth month. We just can't keep up people...don't even look at the dust at my house either or you might get clocked. We used to be able to divide and conquer. Those were the days. Now, well,..because of this bottle snafu and Erik not wanting it, we haven't been able to divide up at all. Good news though, Erik is taking a bottle by Pedar at night. Still doesn’t want me to have anything to do with a bottle, but there is hope! Oh..and the other weekend, Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop watched the kids for us for about two hours while we went out to dinner. It was heaven. Mor-Mor put Erik to bed with a bottle. Thank GOD for grandparents!! We love you!! We thank you for your time!! Please come again.

So..our freedom is about to get crazy. I’m gonna program some babysitters into my phone and start painting the town red folks.

I digress….

We went to see Dr. Nunna, who is just adorable by the way. She checked our little man and found that he is indeed, a little dude.

Weight: 17 pounds, 14 ounces (7th percentile)
Height: 28 1/4 inches (30th percentile)

Erik is VERY interested in food lately. He watches every scrap of food I put in my mouth and complains if I don’t share. He is still lacking teeth, so I am hesitant to share too much, but we are trying some foods out. He has a head full of hair, just no teeth yet. He is crawling and saying “Da-Da” and “Na-Na” and “Eh-Eh.” He is trying to pull himself up onto everything. He has already had several close forehead calls. I know as soon as I make plans to get pictures done, he will have a nasty bruise on his very pale forehead.

All is well with our little dude. He is precious. We bought him a bike seat so we can finally take him out with us. I’m sure I will have video of our inaugural ride soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


You know how Oprah started the gratitude journal frenzy? I never really kept a gratitude journal, but I do try and remind myself on my hard days to take a deep breath and be grateful.

I remember reading that instead of venting about the stuff that is bothering you, you should try and see something about it that you can be grateful for, like instead of bitching about how you have to clean the bathrooms, should be grateful to have a home to clean. Rather than bitch that you have to exercise, be grateful you are healthy enough that you can move your body.

Some days it is easier to be grateful than others. There are days that I tend to get stuck on the things I don't have, like...a laundry room, or even access to laundry that doesn't involve getting wet or leaving my kids to get to my garage..stupid damn 1955 house! Or how lately my house seems smaller and older with each passing minute. I daydream about having a hallway wide enough for two people to walk down and a dining room that you can walk around the chairs without having to scoot them in all the freaking time. I would love another living space that the kids could play in and another space for me to go hide..err..I mean hang out. Don't even get me started on my kitchen... my now seven-year-old paint job is peeling and the counters are from the 60's...I just want to bomb the entire place and push out 1100 extra feet!!!

Deep breath in....gratitude out.

I am grateful for our house. I am grateful for our jobs that pay for our house. I will pray that someday we will either move or make this place bigger, but until then, I am going to make it sparkly clean and organized and do the best I can in the space I have. But I readily admit to a tantrum every now and then, especially after visiting someone with a bright, shiny new kitchen or laundry room or formal dining room, or extra living get the picture.

I know I need to focus on what I've got. I have so much. I have my faith. I have always been able to share my worries with God. I have always spoken to God, like a friend, and I know in my heart that I am loved and looked after and that is enough for me.

I have an amazing family, friends, great health, two precious boys and a gorgeous husband who loves me sooo much! When Pedar and I finally travel to Hawaii for the first time, it will be so sweet. I will go to sleep tonight dreaming about that moment. Until then, I will make my own Mai Tai and daydream about our is crazy bright!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Northwest Bruce's

Here is Ava's kindergarten picture!! In two more months she will be six-years-old. Man I adore this little imp. I just want to scoop her up and love on her. I miss her sweet sassy lassy sister Lola too!

Our family (Leif, Sierra, Ava and Lola) in Portland, Oregon recently had professional pictures taken of their gorgeous family! Here is the link to their slideshow!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Erik is really crawling now...

Erik crawled today, Oct. 18, 2009. He put his cute little butt up in the air and really crawled, not just that silly body drag. He didn't roll where he needed to go, no, he really did it! He wanted my beer bottle so badly...he loves to knock our drinks over...the adorable little turkey!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Peek-a-boo with Erik

Pumpkin Patch + Sunshine = Tomato Head

After gymnastics this morning, the team and I headed over to Bridget's house in West Sac for some lunch and fun. Later in the day, we visited a small pumpkin patch near her house.

Other than the relentless sunshine and no shade at the damn patch, we had a great time. Liam and Casey loved running around and Lila slept and Erik fought sleep until the car ride.

Perfect timing little man..thank you for sleeping in the car. Nothing like a screaming car ride to make me not want to drive around town. It was a great ending to a very nice visit.

Casey almost over-heated with his constant running in and out of the damn jump house. It never fails, Casey turns into a tomato head anytime he is out in the sun for a wee bit too long. I can't tell you how many times his teachers or other parents at his school have commented on his redness. I got him in some air conditioning and his color came back to normal likety split!

My Dad had knee surgery today and we visited him to make sure he was doing OK. He was up and moving and doing much better than expected! YEAH for Dad. Mom made delicious enchiladas and tacos...what a delicious Friday treat. Thanks Nana.

Erik and Lila

Erik will be ten months on October 30th and Lila, my sister Bridget's little girl, is just-three months-old.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We suffered a little damage...

Aging patio covers + windy storm =

In addition to our beloved patio covers, I drove up to the dark house yesterday as one of our Malibu lights went floating down the street...bobbing away towards the drain at the corner. Right behind the light were a few of our annual jack-o-lantern lights that cover those Malibu lights...all rolling around the yard in the wind. What a sight!

Nora and I were joking lots before this storm smacked Sacramento yesterday. Honestly, we were thinking that the news folks were just trying to find a story, any story. But in all seriousness, 3.5 inches of rain dumped on us yesterday, left us in the dark for a long time and shredded many, MANY trees across this town. Wow...Mother Nature gave us a show...and some cleanup too.

Just thought we'd share this sad sight from Sacramento. What you don't see here is Casey, who spent a solid 30 minutes in the rain, running through the gutters, getting soaked completely...and smiling from ear to ear!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Erik is almost crawling....

Erik is almost crawling!

Friday fun with Liam and Lila

We had the best time this Friday with Liam and Lila. Bridget and I loved hanging out and watching Casey and Liam play. Liam adores Casey. Lila is almost three-months-old and is such a good little baby and so gorgeous. We love you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


While we were at the pediatrician's office recently she asked Casey what kind of veggies he likes, Casey replied, "I like asparagus because it makes my pee stink!" He also said,"I like zucchini and broccoli because my Mom puts parmesan cheese on it!" I just laughed and said, "Well, that is the way I like to eat my veggies!" His doctor was proud of Casey for being such a good eater. This kid has come a lonnnng way. I remember meeting a sweet Mommy years ago at a wedding who told me her daughter only ate peach yogurt when she was little. Her picky eater had grown up to be a tall, gorgeous, healthy young woman. She told me he would come around. I am so relieved that she was right. All I can do is expose Casey to different kinds of food. I respect his choices when he tells me he doesn't like a certain type of food. I am never going to force him to finish his plate. I am never going to tell him, "You'll eat it and you'll like it." I understand that you don't have to do what you can learn a different way!!

My brave little man

I took Casey recently to the pediatrician's office. We were behind on his shots. I was supposed to take him in when he was 4 1/2, but June was busy and so was July, August, get the picture. We finally went and he had his physical. Casey is officially BIG.

This is a picture of the cookie we made the other night together. Casey likes to ask for a cookie, "As big as my head!" So...we made him one..he loved it!

Weight: 48.5 pounds (I knew he was heavy!!)
Height: 46 inches

He got four shots! He was so brave. A vanilla milkshake cheered him right up!

Here is a bit more of his latest artwork!

Sunday, October 4, 2009 budding artist

I don't know if I share enough about how much time Casey spends creating artwork every single day. Our dining room table is his domain. We clear a small space for meals, but unless company is coming over, the entire bottom half of the table is dominated with his paper, pens, tape, name it. We run out of paper all the time and tape and glue. I really shouldn't complain about the mess his creativity makes because the peace it gives me and Casey is such a blessing. Casey can look at a picture and draw it. He also loves to create. The other day he made a "suit" like Daddy's out of paper. His suit had a hood.

Casey is just now getting into cars, he never went through a "truck" phase. He has always preferred to dress-up and paint or play with play-doh for hours than play with toys. Some days his toys barely leave their box. He is now signing his artwork and it just makes my heart swell with love for this creative little man. It is hard to not keep all of his amazing "pieces" but I constantly overwhelmed by how much he creates in a single day. I am now scanning some of his artwork and keeping a privileged few in a box. The other day Casey made hats for several folks in the neighborhood. We walked around knocking on doors and handing them out. He brought smiles to several people with his wonderful art and that makes me one very proud mama.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkin Time!!

Happy 1st day of October! Break out your Halloween or Harvest decorations, plan your costumes and mark your calendar for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Fall is in the air. The temperature has dropped significantly this week in our neck of the woods and all I can say is, "THANK YOU!!"

I was taking a trip down pumpkin memory lane today...thought I would share some shots of one of my favorite little pumpkins!