Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pop-Pop Jim!

New Years Eve is Jim's Birthday!

Pedar's Dad, Pop-Pop Jim is a special man. He is Leif, Pedar and Dagny's Dad. He is Ava, Casey, Lola and Erik's Grandpa. He loves animals. He loves people. He loves a good joke and a good book. He loves his wife of 40 + years. He is handy and helpful and he likes hugs. We are fortunate to live close to him and help him celebrate his Birthday today!

Jim told me that after I had been dating Pedar for only a short while, maybe a few months, I looked at Jim in the eye, smiled and said, "I'm going to marry him. I'm going to marry your son!" I don't remember telling Jim this, I was probably just trying to shock him. But then again, I did think I was going to marry Pedar and Jim is someone you can get real honest with. I think I was testing the waters. Anyhoo, I think Jim enjoys my frankness. I've been around now for almost 15 years and I feel a kinship with the Grand Poobah. He's experienced some rough health patches these past few months and I am so glad that he is healing at a much more rapid pace now. I think he'll be dancing again before we know it.

Happy Birthday, Jim. We all love you very much!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sack of sugar is 2!!

Erik in his "super" cape from Nana!

 December 30th is a VERY SPECIAL day. It is Erik's Birthday!!

Our precious little curly-haired man is two-years-old today! I am tired from driving home from Portland, but I had to take a few moments and reflect on Erik's second birthday. I don't have any plans for him tomorrow. I don't even have a gift for him to open or a cake yet, but I will.

I had to go back and read what I wrote last year:  Erik's 1st Birthday

and then I had to look even farther back and read what I wrote the day I brought him home.

We all love Erik so much. This past year he has begun to make his presence known and we are enjoying his funny little personality. Erik is funny, even goofy. He makes funny faces and tries to say funny words. He likes to make us laugh. He is also a bit feisty. He loves to yell, "NO!" He can be somewhat LOUD. Casey was always a bit reserved and quiet, Erik is not.

Erik blows kisses and says, "Hey dude!" Erik loves to eat. Erik is a good sleeper and loves to put his shoes and jacket on by himself. Erik is loved, by so many.

We love you little man. We look forward to seeing you get bigger this year. We look forward to your vocabulary growing so we can understand more what you need and want.

We just look forward to more of you. Happy Birthday, Erik. Thank you for making December 30th such a wonderful day.

Back from Portland

We just got back from Portland. We drove up on Sunday and got back tonight around 10 p.m. We had the best time playing with Leif, Sierra, Ava and Lola. We miss them all and look forward to playing again soon.
The kids love one another so much! Lola will be four-years-old in April and Ava just turned seven. Casey is now six and Erik is two-years-old TOMORROW!!

Casey, Lola, Ava and Erik

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Leif!

Perfect Birthday
On your birthday we wish you much pleasure and joy;
We hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
~ Unknown


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Party time!

Casey had a GREAT 6th Birthday. Pedar and I strung up balloons in his bedroom while he slept and put a lot more on his bedroom floor. I hung a birthday banner and had birthday hats all over the place in his bedroom. He woke up and he said, "Oh! Wow!"
 The night before his Birthday Casey kept asking me what I got and I kept telling him, "Underwear!" He thought I was kidding but when he woke up I let him open a small present and inside was a new sweater and UNDERWEAR! He couldn't believe it. I've decided I am going to give the boys underwear every year on their birthday!!
 Casey's morning and afternoon was spent with Nana and Erik. Nana brought over this Birthday present and it is so cool!! Snap Circuits Jr. is AWESOME!!  Nana and Casey made three of the projects together yesterday. I've had a great work week! I love knowing that Casey and Erik are with family being spoiled and loved!!

 After work, Mor-Mor, Pop-Pop and Aunt Dagny came over to celebrate Casey!

 Erik was giving Casey a Birthday snuggle.
 Casey finally got to see what his gift is...A NEW BIKE! He had outgrown his other bike. He is soo excited to try it today. The sun is shining! We get to go ride!!

Happy Birthday, Casey! We love you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Casey

On December 22, 2004, Casey Charles Bruce was born, making us a family.  We love him so much it makes me eyes leak, my nose run and my throat hurt. I am just so grateful for Casey.

Casey is our sunshine
He is so much sunshine
He makes us happy
When skies are gray

We'll always tell Casey
How much we love him
We hope he has a terrific 6th Birthday!! 

What makes Casey so terrific?? Casey is many things, but mostly he is loved. He is a great big brother, friend, son, grandson, nephew, cousin and neighbor. Casey is an artist. Casey is a hiker, camper, biker, swimmer, lover of laughter and crazy giggler.
 I am a better person because of Casey. My heart is bigger because of Casey. I love MORE because of Casey. I look at him and I want to cry because I get to keep him and I am so overwhelmed with happiness and love.
 I want to give Casey the world. I want to be able to keep a beautiful smile on his face at all times.
 Casey believes in magic.
 Casey loves his family, especially his Aunt Dagny.
 Casey loves to swim.

 Casey loves camping and he loves his friend Jacob.

 Casey is a good friend.
 Small things make Casey happy.
Casey is silly!

Casey is loved, his Aunt Margery just might be his #1 Fan.

We love you Casey, more with each passing day. Happy 6th Birthday! Let's party!


We went to see our beautiful Goddaughter Annika perform in the Nutcracker tonight. She played the part of the adorable mouse that shoots and kills the rat! She did so great. She was full of personality and everyone just loved her performance.

Before the show, Mor-Mor, Aunt Dagny, Casey and I went out to dinner at Spataros. 

I brought a number 6 candle so we could make the night a bit about his Birthday as well. Tomorrow Casey is six-years-old. Wow.