Thursday, February 25, 2010

Uh Oh...who left the gate open?

Erik discovered that he loves stairs at the cabin this past weekend. Great way to make the little man tired...also a great way to give me a heart attack.

Bowling fun with room 5

Casey's class went on a field trip this week to the bowling alley. I volunteered to drive and help wrangle the kids at the alley. Casey and I drove his little buddy Jacob in our car. They had a great time joking and saying butt and other silly words that make them laugh. Everyone had a good time bowling and then we headed back to school. It was a great day for a field trip. It was rainy and cold. I surprised the boys by taking them to McDonald's on our way back to school. They loved it!!

When we got home later that day, Casey....I mean Batman helped me clean the floors with my super cool floor cleaning slippers.

Erik and Curly just enjoyed watching the craziness. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Casey loves to ski!

Ski weekend!

Casey had the best time skiing this weekend. He took a lesson from 9:30 till Noon. He just waved goodbye and jumped on the magic carpet like a little daredevil. The silly guy likes to go fast, unfortunately he doesn't know how to stop!

I took a lesson as well from 10 a.m. till Noon. I learned a lot. I think I may actually be skiing now, not just controlled falling. Mike Elam, our amazing snow boarder/great friend said, "Casey will be caught up to Mama Nora in less than 11 months!" I'm sure he is right, especially since I only ski once or twice a year. How am I supposed to get better??!! I need more time on the slopes. All in time I guess.

Pedar and Dagny skied in the morning and peeked in on Casey and my lesson from time to time. When our lessons were over we ate some lunch and then went back out on the slopes. Casey wanted to go on the chair lift! Pedar took him up. He had to heave the 50 + pounder off the lift. Pedar got a workout skiing with Casey in between his legs. Aunt Dagny helped her adorable nephew as well. I watched and enjoyed trying out my new turns.


Where was Erik this entire time?? Erik spent the day with Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop! We were so grateful that they watched our little dude. I think they all had a great time. I loved knowing he was cozy, wozy warm and getting lots of attention.

It was a beautiful day. I look forward to many more ski days. I have four years to get good enough on my skis to help Erik learn how to snow plow! I can do it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Overexcited family claps too loud, baby loses hearing

No hearing loss occurred during the making of this film, but the baby was slightly disturbed by the enthusiasm of his family.

I love you, Dad

Intense loving going on here. Precious. Deep soul feelings. Wonderful.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wet kisses

Erik is giving kisses!! He thinks opening his mouth and licking you on the cheek is a kiss. It is a bit slobbery, but absolutely wonderful! Erik is also slapping quite a bit. If he gets tired of you looking at him or you go in to give him a kiss..."Whack!" He loves to smack you right in the face. Crazy baby. Play nice you little stinker.

Caught you looking cute! My precious guys.

Erik's favorite person is Casey.

Erik enjoyed pounding on the fish tank in Casey's classroom. I don't think we will be taking him to any aquarium's soon. Crazy smacker boy.

Can you find "Woody"? Casey hid him in the fruit bowl. It was a cute surprise!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! We love you. We hope you are enjoying a bit of sunshine and feeling very loved.

We rode our bikes to the park and we played outside for hours.

We are so lucky. We visited with a lot of family and friends this weekend. I went out on Friday night with my Melanie. We had a great girls night! It was sooo needed. On Saturday we did some house chores, went to a funeral for a dear great aunt, Barbara Remme and then we went to Kealii and Claire's to celebrate Lucky's 1st Birthday! Kekoa wanted Curly to come to Lucky's Birthday party. We had dinner and some cake and we sang to Lucky.

I have included pictures of Casey with his Aunt Dagny, Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop from earlier this week at Disney on Ice. Thank you for taking Casey! He had the best time. He loves his light-up cup sooo much!

We came home and watched "Couples Retreat", it was cute.
On Valentines Day Pedar brought me a beautiful card and coffee in bed.  I slept in and he took care of the kids, it was the best morning! Thank you, sweetie.

We saw "The Nana" briefly on Sunday morning at the park and Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop later in the day as well. My sister Margery came to stay overnight on Sunday for just a few hours. She is filming a commercial on Monday in Sacramento. We hope she is a huge success!! I have missed my Margery so much. I wish she could have visited longer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday, Annika!

Happy Birthday Annika!

Our beautiful goddaughter is eight-years-old today! We hope you have a wonderful day, Annika. We love you so much and look forward to seeing you soon!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fun at Folsom Zoo

The sun made a beautiful appearance today so we hit the road and went to the Folsom Zoo. 

The Folsom Zoo is adorable. We love the animals, but we especially love all of the peacock's. After our picnic lunch, we visited the zoo and then Casey and I went on the train. The conductor, Terry, gave us great advice on how to set our camera. He used to teach photography and the tricks he showed us really made a difference in the quality of our pics. Thank you, Terry! You see? You never know what's going to happen when you are about and about. Such a fun world!

After the train ride we stopped to feed some roosters and peacock's. Erik thought the birds were amazing!

When we got home, Erik napped so Casey and I went on a bike ride. The longer we were out, the colder it seemed to get!! Later in the afternoon we celebrated Super Bowl Sunday with pizza, beer and lots of ball throwing in the house. Good times.