Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New furry neighbor on Oxbow!!!

Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness! I am so excited because our next-door neighbors are getting a new family member on July 6th!!

This little guy is a goldendoodle. Jacob, Melanie and Jim are going to have so much fun with him. We don't know his name yet...but I'm sure it will be perfect!

How will Mel and Jim be able to go to work and leave this precious face??? How will they be able to stay away from his puppy breath?? Some how they will all carry on!

I hope he and Curly become friends!! Curly can be such a grumpy old man sometimes...but he has good manners, so he can teach this little guy how to be good around kids and not tear up the garden.

We cannot wait to welcome him to Oxbow!! We love you little furry face!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We've been busy swimming at GG's pool. The boys love swimming and we love it because it makes them tired and it is too hot to play outside. Now that we've been swimming in the big pool, Casey doesn't even want to look at our sad baby pool out back. I tried to fill it up yesterday and he said, "No thanks Mom. I'll just draw inside."

Casey is in his third week of swim lessons and he is doing great! He is able to swim all the way across Grandma Dagny's huge pool. He also learned how to do a flip underwater, he is so happy with himself. Erik is content in his floaty toys.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brotherly love

Erik and Casey love each other.  They fight over toys and especially when Erik wants to do something that Casey is doing and he is just too small to do it. Erik has recently begun to hug and give kisses. Sometimes Casey is in the mood to let Erik hug him, like yesterday morning! Erik has been sick and Casey hasn't been feeling so good either. They have been really sweet to one another.

Yesterday Pedar took Casey on a bike ride and they were gone for awhile. Pedar told me on the ride back to the house Casey yelled, "Hold on gugga #2, we're coming! Can you hear me?!" Pedar's heart melted.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Erik just isn't himself. His flu virus is finally gone, but his molars are all popping through and he is NOT HAPPY. He has taken to throwing himself to the floor and crying over anything. We want our happy guy back. It just isn't like him to be so grouchy.

The only thing that can make Erik smile, is Curly. Yesterday I let Erik give Curly a lot of treats. They both enjoyed it.

Friday, June 25, 2010


My friend Jenna came over the other night for dinner and she noticed the can of formula on the counter. She asked, "Does that say Effingrow?" I laughed and said, "No, that says Enfagrow!"

The funny thing is, sometimes when Erik is whining because he can't communicate what he wants, or when he wakes up in the middle of the night for the third time crying because four of his molars are coming in at once, I think to myself, "Effin Grow already! Get bigger so we can all get past this baby BS!"

I like it when kids are potty trained, eat just about anything and can play unsupervised (for the most part).

This week we have been cycling through a nasty flu. It started with Erik and last night Casey started throwing up. The best part about big kids and the flu, they can make it to the toilet! YEAH!!

I know this baby stuff is almost over. I will make it through...I will make it...I will make it to 6 p.m.
when Pedar gets home!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I should know better

Casey went to a graduation pool party this past weekend. The day started a bit cool so even though the pool was heated, the kids were chilled to the bone when they got out. I wasn't thinking of the sun when Casey got out of the pool, I was just thinking of making his lips turn from blue to pink.

I should have brought his swim shirt. I should have made him wait a bit after I put his sunblock on. I should have put more sunblock on him after he got out of the pool.

Later that evening as I was getting ready to bathe the kids, I pulled Casey's shirt off and was shocked by the burn on his shoulders and back. Then I noticed that the back of his legs were burned too. It happened when he was warming up out on his towel.  Man, I am one guilty mama. How many times have I been burned? Too many. I should have known better.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sierra!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Sierra. Erik and Casey love their Aunt sooo much. Pedar and I miss you and hope to play with you soon.

Sierra is one the most stylish people I know. This September will be 14-years of knowing Sierra. She just keeps getting better. She is more beautiful today than ever.  She has always been smart, stylish, sexy and sophisticated.

We love you, Sierra. We hope you have a fabulous Birthday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My little house of crazy

This little guy doesn't feel good.
Erik wanted to hang in his crib and Curly's dog bed.

Erik spiked a temperature last night. He just wasn't himself yesterday, real whiny and clingy, so Pedar stayed home with him. His fever stayed with him through the evening and got higher as it got darker outside. He ate a bit of dinner, so we thought he might be feeling OK. After the bath he got really lethargic, we made him a bottle and he drank about half of it and then proceeded to projectile vomit the rest all of over Pedar, himself, his rocking chair and his room. Yuck.

Casey needed some attention, so he thought he would lay down on Erik's changing pad. I thought it was funny to see how HUGE he looks up there.

Casey started drawing madly this morning. He has been copying dinosaurs out of his books. This dino was for Daddy's wall at work.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Letter to 20-year-old self

Recently I read about an exercise where you write your 20-year-old self a letter. I thought it was an interesting exercise, writing to a younger me.  What would you say to a younger you?

Dear 20-year-old Nora,

You are working so hard to make it. You are so worried about money, school debt, rent and car payments. I want to tell you that it is all going to work out. You are going to graduate and you are going to get a great first job, with several other rocking jobs that follow. I wish you would enjoy the college experience a bit more and have some fun!

There are a couple of things I wish you could know:

1.     In less than a year you are going to meet the man you are going to marry. You will doubt your relationship for a short bit because you think you are too young to have found the one. He is the one. He is the best thing to happen to you, ever, hands down!

2.     You can only control yourself. Stop worrying about what other people have, do, think and say. Just take care of you and lighten up!

3.     Your intuition is always right, just take a deep breath and embrace your fear.

4.     Think positive and just love. When you are critical of yourself and others, you will remain stuck. If you want to move forward, slap a smile on your face and in your heart and say a prayer.

5.     Your “oops” we weren’t ready to get pregnant will be the best mistake ever. Your job will be flexible and you will be OK financially.

6.     You are not awkward and silly. You are lovely, maybe even beautiful and fun. You make people laugh and you are loved. You are a smart, hard working woman. Believe it, feel it and know it.

7.     Keep praying. You are a child of God. He always wants the best for you and is looking out for you every single step of the way.

With Love,

35-year-old Me

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jim & Karen 40th Anniversary Evening

We celebrated Jim and Karen's 40th Wedding Anniversary at the Firehouse tonight. It was a gorgeous evening and the service and food at the Firehouse was impeccable.

We had a terrific day. It started with a delicious Father's Day breakfast, church, a bit of plane time for Jim and Pedar and it wrapped up with an evening out to celebrate lasting love. Woo Hoo!

We want to thank Nana and Pop-Pop Ken for giving us an evening out so we could celebrate Jim and Karen, on a work night no less!!

Nana and Pop-Pop Ken enjoying some crazy kid time at the Bruce casa! We love you Nana and Pop-Pop! Thank you!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, Jim and Karen!

Happy 40th Anniversary, Jim and Karen! 

Partners are for sharing with,
Dreaming dreams and caring with
spending time with,
chatting to,
Making plans with,
Hoping they come true...
Holding hands with, hugging, kissing
Laughing with and reminiscing.....
Working with to see things through,
and loving
Just like you do 

Five years ago you renewed your vows in fabulous Italian style! Thank you for reminding us that laughter is SO important to a happy marriage.
We love you. You make 40 years look really good.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I especially want to wish my Dad and Pedar's Dad and Leif and Chuck a very happy day. We know so many wonderful men who are the best father's.

I am going to spend the day making Pedar feel loved and special. Pedar always wanted to be a Dad. He tells me that is one of the small list of things he always knew for sure.

He has grown into an amazing Dad, which makes me love him even more. He is so patient and so loving. He is affectionate and a good listener. He is playful and he is also a great teacher. Like all of the areas of Pedar's life, he is steadfast and hardworking, so of course it spills over into fatherhood too.

Casey and Erik couldn't love you more, Pedar. I couldn't either.