Friday, July 30, 2010

Crazy kids

Erik seems to be growing up at warp speed lately. He is communicating a ton more with REAL words and just coming into his own adorable little personality. He is funny little man, always making funny faces. He loves to dance and he loves CASEY.

Casey loves to antagonize his brother whenever he can. He takes every single toy out of Erik's hand. It drives Pedar and I crazy. Casey is almost reading and continues to have leg pains. I could be wrong, and I am a lot (it is freeing to admit that, isn't it?!) but I think Casey is going to be pretty darn tall. We just got his backpack and lunch box for kindergarten. We are excited to find out who his teacher will be and go for a tour of the school.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The world is right again...for $14.50

I'm not gonna be all suzy sunshine today, not gonna pussy foot around it, this week was HARD. We got home from vacation...I know...who am I to complain about anything? I just had a vacation. But I'm going to, because it is my blog, if you want to complain, get your own!

Anyhoo...we got home and got ready to get back to, daycare, housework, yardwork, bills....bla bla bla. Erik was a bit whiny and snotty all vacation, but we thought he was getting over it. Turns out we were wrong. It wasn't just his molars or more teeth, he was bonafide sick with a sinus and ear infection. Poor baby. That explains the waking up every night and crying and not wanting to lay down flat. We have drugs now, although I hate giving him drugs, I feel like his next infection will just get stronger. His doc said his ear and sinuses looked pretty bad, so he's on the drugs and hopefully on the mend. He slept sooo much better last night! HURRAH! We are beginning to feel human again.

Pedar has had a hard work week. He has been fighting the sinus crap as well. He uses the Neti Pot everyday, and when he is sick, sometimes three times a day. He has been able to keep several sinus infections away because of his friend Neti!! Yeah for Neti!

My job is eh. I'm getting a new manager next week. I hope she makes me feel more motivated and excited. Referral numbers are still down. They've been down except for a few months here and there for almost three years now. I have been learning so much about our new PET/CT scanner and although referrals are trickling in, it just isn't good enough. I'm not feeling inspired. I just don't want to, you know? I got home and I thought....where the hell is that lottery money!!????  I know....stop daydreaming and get to it! How do I change my reality for the better? What skills can I use to make my financial world improve?? Hmm....I'm still working on the answer.

So..when you're feeling a bit blue and tired and uninspired...what do you do? I stop at a great consignment store on my lunch break (Article at 5704 Elvas Ave) and treat myself to some adorable Tahari shoes for $14.50. Yeah, that's right....I said it....$14.50. The world is right again.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike dropped by "jail" park, also known as Commons Beach in Tahoe City on Saturday morning before we returned home this past weekend.

Mike is one of Pedar's best friends. Pedar has known Mike for about 20 years. I've known for him for almost 15. I stole his good buddy when Pedar and I first started dating. Thanks for sharing him, Mike.

We adore Mike. He has such cool energy. He is serene and fun and sweet all at the same time. He is sooo good with kids too. The boys adore him. Mike travels the world to Kayak and Snowboard. He loves them both equally. We admire his passion for life.

You would think a single guy without kids might not make the time to visit, but Mike always checks in. Mike, you make us all feel loved with your attention. Thank you, man. Be safe in Chile. We look forward to hearing all about your next adventure.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart."    Gandhi

Monday, July 26, 2010

Videos from our vacation

Man...I was having a difficult time with youtube...but I finally was able to upload some videos today! Woo Hoo! More videos coming at ya later!

 Here is a video of Casey jumping into the lake! He was the only one that didn't put a wet suit on!! Crazy kid.

Here is Casey swimming at the Chamberlands pool. He is swimming in the deep end!

Here is a cute video of Erik dancing while eating his breakfast.


My sweet Pedar called me today upset about a situation at work. I wanted to run to him. I wanted to make it all better. I want him to feel recognized and appreciated, but I am powerless in this situation. I am powerless about a lot. I can only pray. I can make Pedar a nice dinner and hug him and love him and reassure him that everything is going to be OK. What may not have happened today, will happen. We need to focus and be positive and let the yucky stuff go. We need to not dwell on what isn't working, but start daydreaming and working towards what he really, really wants.

 I found this today and I wanted to share it:

When you are frustrated about your situation, wait.
When you are about to say something that might offend/upset/etc.. someone, wait.
When you start making plans of switching careers, or at a minimum the job you currently have, wait.
Wait and reflect. Gather information. Relax and think clearly.
I know many will say spur of the moment actions often create dynamic results. They can also blow up in your face.
How long should you wait?
As long as it takes. --unknown

I think while you're waiting, you could be praying too. Praying helps.

I'm going to ask you to help me. You ready? Please pray for Pedar.

You know how I know everything will be OK? Just look at him! Just look at that smile!

I mean, REALLY??!! This man is blessed with an award winning smile! He can charm the socks off of anyone. He charmed me. Still does. This man is no slacker. This man would help just about anyone, even with stuff he would rather not do. He'll still do it, because you need him. He is one of a kind. I love him sooo much and I know you do too. So, all together now....let's pray.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We're back!

We are back from our vacation in Tahoe. We had 6 days of glorious fun. We played with Mor-Mor, Pop-Pop and Aunt Dagny. We hung out at Chamberlands and swam almost everyday. We went for a bike ride, a boat ride, a bus ride and swam and swam at the pool.

I have sooo many pictures and videos to post! We have been home for about six hours now but my energy just tanked and a glass of red wine, a piece of dark chocolate and my butt on the couch is what I want. My boys are asleep in their beds. I am so happy. Good night everyone. I hope you had a beautiful week.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Chuck!

We love you Chuck! We hope you have a wonderful Birthday!! Hopefully Lila and Liam kick it early and sleep in late to help you enjoy your special day even more. You are a wonderful Dad and a terrific uncle.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eppies 2010 Great Race

The Remme, Hausman, Bruce and Lake families all participated in the 2010 Eppies Great Race today. We had a great time getting out and supporting one another today.We love each other so much! It was a HOT day in Sacramento, but we still managed to have a great time.

I want to give special THANK YOU to Nana and Pop-Pop Bailey for getting to our house SUPER early so we could get to the race on time.

Pedar and I were both the runners on our teams. Pedar did awesome! He ran 8-minute miles. I didn't do so good. I haven't run consistently since the CIM in December.  I have been really enjoying my Bikram Yoga and avoiding the running...I need to run more.  

We all had a good time and that is what matters!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Lila!

My beautiful niece is celebrating her 1st Birthday today!!

Happy Birthday, Lila! We love you so much. We love your dimples and your easy going personality. We love your adorable girlie clothes. Your Bruce cousins promise to always take care of you and love you, so do your Aunt and Uncle!!