Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I can do it!

I have a new territory at work. I am now in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and up into Yuba City. I don't know these areas well and it slows me down. I don't like slow. I like getting in, getting it done and getting home. So, I'm going to get used to this darn new territory as fast as I can!

I got pulled into a late afternoon meeting today. Pedar is leaving for a short work trip at o'dark thirty so he had to finish things up at the office and couldn't get the boys. I called Nana and thankfully she was able to go get my little men. These are the moments that I hate working. I hate knowing that it is getting dark and I haven't seen them in hours. I hate missing them. I just want to be with them.

Chin up little lady! Everything will work out. This job is a blessing!! I can do this! I will do this! I will rock at this!

Now off to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving...part 2

Nora, Pedar, Erik, Casey, Nana, Liam, Pop-Pop, Bridget, Lila and Chuck
On Friday we celebrated with my side of the family, the Bailey's. Margery and Arturas are in New York for awhile so we missed visiting with her, but we hope to be with her for Christmas.
Erik, Pedar, Casey and Nora

The kid table!

Cheers to Thanksgiving! Thanks for taking the picture, Pedar!

The next day we set up the tree and decorated the house! On Sunday we decorated the outside of the house, we are all ready for Christmas. Now we just need to shop!!

Thanksgiving...part 1

We are fortunate to live in town with both of our parents and some of our siblings: Bridget (Nora's sis)  and her hubbie Chuck and their darling dimpled kids, Liam and Lila and Pedar's sweet sister Dagny live in town. Leif (Pedar's bro) and wife Sierra and their gorgeous daughters, Ava and Lola, live in Tigard, OR.  My twin sister Margery lives in Clear Lake, but is currently in New York for a month.

Because we have both families in town, we tend to spread out our celebrations into two days. This year we celebrated with the Bruce side on Thanksgiving and the Bailey's on Friday.

We usually all do the "Run to Feed the Hungry" on Thanksgiving morning, but Erik was still pretty sick and it was about 28 degrees outside. I stayed at home with Erik and Casey and Pedar met up with Dagny, Mor-Mor and several of our dear friends and did the walk. We were proud of Casey for walking the entire three miles.

After the walk, Erik and I met Pedar and Casey over at the Bender's for pie!

The boys played with Bannon! He just turned one-years-old recently and is sooo cute!
We had a great visit and then left to grab our fixings to head on over to Mor-Mor's to begin Thanksgiving preparations. Karen, Dagny and I had a great time sharing the kitchen and making our dishes. Casey loved playing on my new iphone and Erik was happy to be held. He had great timing too because he napped through the entire meal!!

Aunt Dagny showed Erik how to play the piano!

Pedar and Pop-Pop and Erik flew Pedar's custom plane. Unfortunately the plane crashed and burned!

Taking a break while the Turkey cooks!

Pedar is Erik's favorite nap spot!

Pop-Pop shows us all how to carve the Turkey!

A little time for a puzzle.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Erik woke up just in time to enjoy a delicious meal!

We are so grateful for our family, friends and health. We have so much love in our lives and that makes us smile even on our cloudy days. We hope you felt loved and happy on Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh crap...not the croup!

Tuesday night Erik had an awful episode of the crappy croup. We kept thinking it would get better. We tried the steamy shower, a walk in the cool night air and a few nebulizer treatments....he just wouldn't get better. Finally after praying and hoping and saying five times "Should we go to the ER?" His breathing really took a turn for the worst and he would do this awful struggling movement while coughing and gasping for air. We noticed then that his lips were turning blue so we called our neighbor Melanie to stay with Casey and left for the ED. After a scary drive, we get there and to our surprise they take us right in. They check his oxygen level and it was at 70, normal is 100 or high 90's. They start breathing treatments, give him an epi shot and his lips turn pink again and his breathing improves a bit.

I know there was no way for us to know that his oxygen level was at 70, but when the respiratory therapist told me how dangerous his levels were and started to talk about brain damage, I almost lost it right there on the spot.

They gave him a chest x-ray (which caused crying making his oxygen levels drop again!!), two terrible swabs to test for who knows what to the back of his throat (more crying!), several breathing treatments and three and half hours later we learn that he will be OK. I left with at least 50 new white hairs and seven new lines on my forehead.

 Erik and his E.T toe (oxygen monitor).

Karen/Mor-Mor came over around 4 a.m. so Melanie could go back to bed. We are so grateful to them for being so giving and loving, especially at 2 a.m.! We finally got home around 6:30 a.m., crawled into bed and slept for an entire hour until Casey got up.

Wednesday was a pretty tough day just because we were all so tired and still worried about Erik. He was so pale and weak. Sweet Dagny scooped Casey up around Noon and took him out on the town for a super fun day. We were very grateful to Dagny because Casey had so much energy and we had none. I got our Thanksgiving grocery shopping done and worked till 5 p.m.

We will keep giving Erik breathing treatments every four hours for awhile to make sure his lungs are clear and healthy.

We've been through this croup crap with Casey several times. Casey had his first scary attack when he was ten-months-old. Poor Pedar headed to the ER all by himself that night. We have a nebulizer at home but we didn't have the albuterol, just the saline. We now have everything we need to help Erik at home and we won't hesitate to call an ambulance or go to the ED ever again.

Casey is a really healthy kid, he is just prone to these croup episodes. I was hoping Erik wouldn't have to suffer like Casey, but here we go. I feel like we have the tools we need to help him now and that makes me better prepared for the next time I wake up to that awful cough. Casey is the best big brother with Erik. He gave him a treatment today and Erik didn't mind the "smoke" in his face at all because Casey was doing it.

I am so grateful that everything went as well as it could have that early morning. Everyone was so wonderful and loving and so helpful. I swear we were surrounded by angels every single minute. Thank you, angels. Thank you for looking after us so well and loving Erik so much!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a great one! I have so much to be grateful for. I have a wonderful and healthy family, friends and a lot of love.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crazy week

This week I have been in sales training. Every morning at 8 a.m. we begin with role-playing, sales call strategies, how to overcome objections and so much more. I am learning a lot about myself and I know this training will help me be more successful in the field, so I am grateful for it.

On a more fun note...wanna know what Casey typed into google last night? Vajyna. Yep. Thankfully nothing crazy popped up because it didn't know what he was spelling. He tried another word after that, butthol. That one came up with results. Dear lord. I have to lock the computer now. The boy knows how to click on the firefox icon and start typing in the box on the google homepage.

I didn't get mad at him for typing in those words on the computer. I was proud he was trying to spell and writing words. This Kindergarten stuff is really paying off!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Love our family pictures!

We recently got our pictures taken by the beautiful and talented, Brenda Bisharat and her assistant Kristene Colombi. We highly recommend Bisharat Photography. They are so great with kids. We look forward to scheduling our pictures with Brenda for years to come.

R.I.P Camera

Our camera died this weekend. Casey had it and then the lens got stuck so I decided to push it back in, thinking it was just the battery and now it won't come back out. The flash had been smoking for awhile, so we knew it was on its way out. We got it right before Erik was born, so it lasted two years. Oh man. I am close to paying off my student loan, which then in turn would mean I was ready to buy a "Big Mama"
Digital SLR camera. I take pictures EVERY day people. I am going to have to get another camera ASAP so I don't go into withdrawals. I feel a bit of a shake coming on right now just thinking of Thanksgiving and not having a camera! AHHH!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

And it's a wrap...soccer season

 I love this boy. I love my Casey so much!

I love this picture of Erik. I think my chins are impressive too!

Look at how big Casey looks on Pedar?? Our little boy is sooo big, but he still wants to be held a bit longer. 

 We are so proud of you, Casey!

This Friday was Casey's last soccer game. It was the BEST game of the season for two reasons:

1. Casey scored his first goal!
2. His team, the Gladiators, won their first game!

Man, when Casey scored a goal, I had to keep myself from running out on the field and throwing him up in the air!! I was so darn excited!!

We ended the season with a super fun pizza party. The kids received a medal and a trophy and super yummy cupcakes. It was such a feel good night. We all went home sooo happy. What a great end to our first year of soccer.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Because it's Friday

Because it's Friday, I bought the boys balloons. Erik got Elmo and Casey picked out a Sponge Bob Squarepants balloon.

Because it's Friday, I bought a lot of silly string for Casey and he created string art in the backyard. We watched "Big" recently and he was in love with the silly string that Tom Hanks and his little buddy spray all over one another. I told him we would go get some on Friday so he can experience the silliness himself. He likes it. He went through six spray cans in about 10 minutes!

Because it's Friday, we are going to make popcorn and have a dance party

Because it's Friday and I get to put Erik down for a nap, I am going to hold him a bit longer in the rocking chair and kiss the top of his head 100 times and tell him I love him 100 times.

Because it's Friday, when Erik is napping, Casey and I are going to play whatever he wants and I am going to hug and kiss him and tell him I love him 100 times.

I love Friday's. I love being a Mom. I love my man. I look forward to hugging and kissing Pedar tonight and telling him I love him 100 times too.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Night

On Halloween I always feel like we have so much time before trick-or-treating, but before I know it, we are rushing to get the kids costumes on; rushing to set up the speakers in the front yard with spooky music, light the lanterns, put the candy in the bowl and get out there. We did it, by the skin of our teeth.

Erik was too scared to go up to the doors but Casey and Jacob were running like crazy little boys all over the hood. Erik was perfectly happy with his lollipop.

We went trick-or-treating with our neighbors and Mor-Mor and Aunt Dagny. We only went around the block, but Casey still got so much candy. He chose 23 pieces of candy to set out for the "Halloween Fairy" and that night she took that candy and gave him a small truck toy in its place. Good deal!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!