Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sack of sugar is 2!!

Erik in his "super" cape from Nana!

 December 30th is a VERY SPECIAL day. It is Erik's Birthday!!

Our precious little curly-haired man is two-years-old today! I am tired from driving home from Portland, but I had to take a few moments and reflect on Erik's second birthday. I don't have any plans for him tomorrow. I don't even have a gift for him to open or a cake yet, but I will.

I had to go back and read what I wrote last year:  Erik's 1st Birthday

and then I had to look even farther back and read what I wrote the day I brought him home.

We all love Erik so much. This past year he has begun to make his presence known and we are enjoying his funny little personality. Erik is funny, even goofy. He makes funny faces and tries to say funny words. He likes to make us laugh. He is also a bit feisty. He loves to yell, "NO!" He can be somewhat LOUD. Casey was always a bit reserved and quiet, Erik is not.

Erik blows kisses and says, "Hey dude!" Erik loves to eat. Erik is a good sleeper and loves to put his shoes and jacket on by himself. Erik is loved, by so many.

We love you little man. We look forward to seeing you get bigger this year. We look forward to your vocabulary growing so we can understand more what you need and want.

We just look forward to more of you. Happy Birthday, Erik. Thank you for making December 30th such a wonderful day.

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  1. Erik is beautiful!! Happy Birthday!