Friday, April 29, 2011


Took this picture of the beautiful sky the other night

Erik said "Beautiful" the other night. At first I thought he was saying something else and then he said it again. Beautiful sounds so precious coming from Erik. He understands beauty. He loves to call things "pretty" too. So sweet.

These boys are beautiful

This guys excitement towards FUN is beautiful!
Erik and his "Fred Flinstone" car are so beautiful 

Hope you have a beautiful Friday. I hope you believe that all good things are coming to you. You deserve it, all of it, so believe it! Why not have a super happy, super loved and super beautiful life! Let's do this!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Melanie, Jim and Jacob had us over on Monday for cake and champagne! They also gave me the most beautiful tulips and of course she wrote that Beautiful Blog for me. Thank you, Melanie for making my birthday so wonderful.

If you look closely at this picture of me, do not focus on the sloppy sweater, I am also wearing the necklace Pedar got me. I love it! Thank you, Honey. I know I said I wanted a new front door for my Birthday, but I appreciate that after ten years of marriage you understood that I needed a little something to open!

This chocolate/caramel cake was soooo good!

The boys loved the cake too!
Erik helped finish up the rest of the cake last night! Delicious!

Erik loves to say, "Chocolate!"
I haven't put up a picture of my precious Curly in awhile and he is long overdue for some blogging love. I love my Curlito. He is the best little coach potato a girl could have. He is cuddly and warm and so cute. He is patient with the kids and so sweet. We love you, Curly.

Curly doing his thing

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Fun

Thankfully bark is really light. This will help the keep the weeds down so much!
I need to show you some of the pictures from our fun Easter weekend. It was my bright idea to have Pedar order ten yards for bark to be delivered Friday afternoon. I am grateful that we got it, and I can't really complain because I only moved about two yards while Pedar moved the rest on Saturday before our Easter party guests arrived! Thank you, Pedar!
The boys loved riding in the wheelbarrow.

So you know what we did Friday night, right? Well, we moved a little bit of the bark and then Pedar and Casey got an invite from two of their favorite buddies (Kealii and Kekoa) to go see Hop, so they hopped away and Erik and I had a date night. Erik and I danced and ate chocolate and stayed up late cuddling on the couch. It was a great night.

The kid table!

Doesn't my nephew have the cutest dimples ever??!!

Nana made delicious Easter cookies!

Erik and Lila loved swinging!

These two could have stayed on this swing all day!

Isn't this picture awesome??!!

Cousin bath time! So cute!

Easter morning! We found "Easter Bunny" prints leading up to our front door!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's someone ELSE'S birthday too....

I know Nora posted a happy birthday post for her dear sweet TWIN sister, but made no mention of herself, as she wouldn’t because she always thinking of others…and well it’s her blog so that would seem kind of weird…

So today I asked Pedar if he would post this for me, as I wanted to let everyone out there know how wonderful my friend Nora on this special day.

As a friend she is one of the most giving and generous people I know.  She always opens her home to everyone and welcomes them with arms stretched out to give you the best hugs.  You know those tight squeeze ones that makes you know you are loved by her or that just makes you feel better if you are having a bad day.   Her smile and laughter are infectious and she always has a way of helping you see the good in people and in life.  She is an amazing friend and I can’t imagine her not in my life.

As a mother I love watching her with her boys.  She is patient, gentle, silly and loves them something fierce!  She is protective and cautious but allows them to make mistakes as long as she knows they are safe. She has become a second mom to my son, who I think would live with her if he could.  I trust her completely with him, which says A LOT as he is my one and only.

As a wife I see her love Pedar more and more with each passing day.  They still look at each other like it’s their first date, even though they have been married for over 10 years.  She makes a point to keep the passion in their marriage and their arguments brief.  She not only is a wife, but more importantly is a true definition of a partner and friend to him.  In turn, I know he can’t imagine life without her.

So Nora on this day, I want to celebrate YOU and all that you are.  You are truly an amazing person and think of you when I think of what it means to be a great mother, wife and friend.  Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Nora!  I love you! ~Melanie

Happy Birthday, Margery!

Today is Margery's Birthday. I hope she has a wonderful day and her students spoil her with love and attention. I love you sissy face. I am so glad you are living in Folsom so we can play more and hug more.

Margery doing her thing!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Secret Easter Fairy

I came home from work this week to find an adorable foam yellow Easter egg in my front yard.

I love it! I have no idea who put it in my front yard, but I am so grateful to you for making me smile and adding to my Easter decorations!! Thank you Easter Fairy! You made me so happy!

I bought these three small Easter wreaths from Target and tied them together. I think it turned out nice!
The smoke bush in my front yard is soo gorgeous!
We decorated eggs on Wednesday night with our sweet neighbor Jacob.

Erik and Daddy had fun dyeing eggs.

The brown eggs dyed the best. They were so beautiful. We called them "Martha Stewart" eggs!

My adorable boys

Casey not only dyes the eggs, but eats them too!!
I'm feeling ready for Easter. Need to make a Target run and then a grocery store run and then clean the house...but I'm ready!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snap out of it!

This week has been hard. I was fighting a sinus infection and then my sweet man told me to try the neti-pot, and boy did it help. I worked that neti-pot, sometimes three times a day and today I am starting to feel like me again.

Work has been a bit busier, more is expected of me and after the boys go to bed I find myself on the computer til 11 p.m. and I just don't want to give so much to work. But today I have renewed energy and gratitude for just about everything.

I spanked Casey yesterday morning and Pedar spanked him last night. He has been testing us every single day with his backtalk and craziness and I just lost it yesterday morning. I had been trying to get out the door for 20 minutes with both kids, packing my stuff, packing their stuff, turning everything off, etc. etc. Casey is on Spring Break this week and my Mom is watching him, but we had to drop Erik off first and then take Casey to Nana's, and the boys didn't want to leave the house. I didn't want to leave either. I asked Casey to pick up his bag, I had my laptop, diaper bag, purse and more all piled in my arms. Casey says to me, "You pick up the bag." My arm reached for him with lightening speed and I spanked him three times hard and fast. He laughed at first and then he started to cry. I was relieved when he began crying.

"Get in the car,  Casey." I said sternly. "I need you to be a better boy."

He got in the car. We drove to Sharon's. We got Erik out and as we are walking up to Sharon's he says, "Don't tell Sharon Mom, I'll be good."

The night was going well.  We dyed Easter eggs,played outside with Jacob, but as bedtime approached he wouldn't do anyting we asked.  "Get your jammies on, brush your teeth, get in bed, Casey!" Pedar took action this time and I was relieved to just put Erik to bed.

After putting Erik to bed. I crawled up Casey's ladder and cuddled him and told him we love him ALL the time, but we need him to be better. He said he was sorry, but he also said we hurt his feelings. I told him I was sorry, but I still need him to be better. I held him for awhile and cried silently as I held him. I never wanted to spank. Why does he have such a hard time with transitions? Why does he fight us so much? He is very strong willed. He is very smart. We will both survive this phase.

I am so grateful to be a Mom. I remember rubbing my huge belly and trying to imagine what my Casey was going to be like. Casey is beautiful, smart, funny and he can be a great brother when he chooses. He is an artist. He is passionate.  He has a temper. He can be shy. He is thoughtful and generous.

Today I am so grateful. I am grateful for my husband who is so loving and giving to me and our boys. I am grateful for my job, because it is flexible. I am so grateful for my babies who give me endless love.

I am so lucky. I have so much love in my heart. Today I don't want to yell, I just want to hug and make my boys feel loved, special and beautiful.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Problem areas

 We all have problem areas that we don't like to talk about, we just wish they would go away, right? I wish my spider veins would go away and that my thighs and stomach would develop muscles easier, but that isn't going to happen without some work. I don't want to talk about my non-existent workout routine right now, so let's talk about my house problem areas.

We replaced our harvest gold stove top a few years ago, but it never fit the counter-top right. It is a problem area I have tried to ignore, but it bothers me!!
I was cleaning our stove-top the other day and the burners would barely light after my crazy cleaning job. I was trying to figure out why and took the lid off a burner and didn't realize how hot it was and burned my gorgeous 1960 Formica. Oh damn, I made it look even worse!!! I can't get it out. I have tried everything. Way to go, Nora!

Our driveway is so cracked up that we almost didn't get homeowners insurance. After almost nine years in this house, we will still need to work on this problem area!
I love it when the weeds grow in the cracks! Doesn't it look pretty??

Don't be envious of our beautiful driveway. Green isn't your color!

Many a neighbor kid has tripped on this raised concrete!
Pretty yellow flowers?? Those are weeds and they are everywhere!!!

Problem Area #275: Weeds behind back fence. Ahhhhh, they are creeping under the fence and making a mess! We need some goats!

The boys are begging for help! "Please help my Mommy!"

Weeds even under their sweet swinging legs!

I want to end on a positive note, check out my garden! I might need a new kitchen, new driveway and some weeding, but at least I will have delicious tomatoes!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Annika's First Holy Communion

We celebrated our goddaughter Annika's first Holy Communion yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and we were so happy to be with her and everyone yesterday.

Annika's beautiful family!

We ALL love you so much, Annika and are so proud of you!

Annika, you are so beautiful and so loved!