Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love San Francisco

I am in San Francisco. I joined Pedar last night around 9:30. I arrived tired and agitated from preparing the kids, the house and myself. We had another big BBQ at work yesterday so when I got home I was spent. I needed to pack and man did I need to clean. The grandfolks are staying at our house with the kids. Nana on wednesday and mor-mor/pop-pop on Thursday! Some day when the kids stay at the grandparents house, I will leave much more relaxed. Is my house clean enough? No, but I had to go so I did
My best. Pedar went into the city for work early yesterday morning so I was left with all the duties. I texted him an angry message yesterday about doing EVERYTHING!! We will work on this division of labor BS when we get back!! Wine please!!

We are gone for two nights in San Francisco. We've only been away from the boys for one night; and that was March 2010. It's not that I'm that nervous, we just haven't had that many opportunities.

I am excited to be alone with Pedar. I am excited to not beg someone to finish eating and clean up after themselves; I hope Pedar can be good, or else he is going to get a time-out!!

I'm sure you can tell that I already miss the boys. I'm hanging in there. It's hard when Erik is so small and cuddly!! I miss Casey too, but I think Casey will not miss me as much.

This morning we worked out at the hotel
Gym, went shopping, ate delicious Thai food and now we are about to see a movie. The weather is gorgeous! I am so relaxed. Did I mention I already miss the boys a little bit??!! Geez, maybe I need some wine!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Remme Reunion in Cambria

The oldest and youngest Remme at the reunion.

For over two years Pedar's very large Norwegian Remme family has been planning a family reunion. This past weekend over 50 people gathered at Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria, CA. People traveled as far as North Carolina, Washington, Oregon and Minnesota. What did the group do all weekend? We ate, we talked, we laughed and we got to know one another better. The Remme family is a fun bunch of people and you know what, anyone is welcome to be a Remme!
Making lefse!

Making krumkake!

Nothing like throwing an egg at a loved one!

My favorite part of the weekend was the Ole and Lena joke-off! Cousin Skip Holmes researched over 50 Ole and Lena jokes and handed them out. The person that delivered the joke the best, won! Skip was hilarious and it was great fun watching family members tell and flub-up their jokes!

Here is a sample of an Ole and Lena joke:

Remember the article in Ole’s newspaper:"North Dakota 's worst air disaster occurred today when a Cessna 152, a small 2 seater plane, crashed into a Norwegian Lutheran Church cemetery here early this morning..  "Ole and Sven, working as a search and rescue team, have recovered 826 bodies so far and expect the number to climb as digging continues into the evening."

Skip Holmes leads the joke-off!

Remme Reunion BBQ

Remme angels helped turned the thermometer down on Thursday, June 23, because it was over 100 all week, but on Thursday it was a beautiful 90. I don't have the grand total of folks that attended but I think the group was over 150 people!

Food and fun was shared by all starting at the pancake breakfast and ending with a delicious BBQ dinner. Kids of all ages enjoyed gunny-sac races, three-legged races and water balloon toss games. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bike ride + Ice Cream = Fun

Last night after dinner we strapped on our helmets and rode off into the sunset towards one of our favorite destinations, Baskin Robbins! 
 Erik has almost grown out of this bike seat. He loves going for bike rides so much and I love listening to his little voice. On the way to Baskin Robbins I asked him, "What kind of ice cream do you want, Erik?" He thought about it and said, "The blue kind."
 It was a crazy hectic day at work today. I hosted a physicians lunch and then later I hosted a Happy Hour with another physicians office. I didn't get home till after 6:30 and after being with my guys for three days in a row, I missed them and resented working late. Riding our bikes and eating a sweet treat and laughing made all my stress fall away. I love my family.

At the Happy Hour we talked about being a "Working Mom" and how important it is to have a helpful partner. The OBGYN physician I was talking to told me that she can tell if a partner is helpful or not by how happy her patient is. 

Happy Mom means happy family. The household and kid chores do not belong to Mom alone. If the work is shared she will have more joy to spread around.

I am lucky to have a very helpful husband. I'm not going to lie to you though. We both work full time and I still do most of the house cleaning, grocery shopping, social planning, etc. But Pedar WOULD do any of those things without hesitation if I asked. I want my boys to see their Dad clean, shop and cook. I want them to know how to meal plan, clean the house and do a load of laundry a day...which means putting it away too and not sitting in a basket or on the floor (still working with Pedar on that one!)

When we got home from Cambria on Sunday, Pedar recognized the well greased wheel that we've got going when we get home from a trip. We unpack, put bags away, start laundry, clean house and prepare for the next day. We jump right back into our routine so the next day is easier. Before we went to bed on Sunday he looked around and noticed that our house was tidy and the laundry was halfway done. He said he loved the routine and was grateful to me for getting us organized.
 Casey loves Gold Medal Ribbon. Did you know my first "real" job, not babysitting or helping my relatives or neighbors clean, was Baskin Robbins? My right forearm was a bit larger than my left from scooping and I got really good at making ice cream cakes.
  I loved getting to know the regulars and memorizing their favorite flavors. In Sacramento when it heats up Baskin Robbins can become CRAZY busy. Managing the craziness was great practice at waiting tables, I learned the art of staying calm, making jokes and smiling. This skill has helped me HUGELY in life. Making eye contact and smiling and being open to others will take you very far.

Erik finally hopped on his bike last night. He might finally start riding it!

I hope you all have a beautiful day today! I'm grateful for you! If I could, I would look you in the eye, smile and hand you an ice cream cone!