Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gugga is 3

Happy Birthday, Erik. We can't believe you are three-years-old today. I want to write down a little bit of information about who you are at this very moment, so we can remember you at this precious age.

Dear Erik,

Today you are three-years-old. You are just 30 pounds. You love your binky and your mi-mi (lamby blanket). This year we will help you "let-go" of your binky and move out of your crib into a big boy bed. You've only crawled out of your crib once, you sleep so beautifully. You are doing great with going #1 in the toilet, but you're not doing so great with #2. You like to hide behind chairs and yell at us to "go away" when you're doing your business. We hope to get you completely potty-trained in the next few months. 

Erik, you love Casey so much!

You love Thomas the Train right now, helicopters and music. Your current favorite song is, "Moves like Jagger" and you're a pretty great eater. You love hummus and apples and cheese and crackers. You like to stay up late and sleep-in, just like your Mama. You love your new scooter. You're funny and you like to laugh. You're doing great at preschool. You had a hard time the first two weeks of school, you cried a lot at drop-off, but now you run to your classroom and it makes Daddy and I so happy. 

Erik we all love you so much. We cannot remember a time when you were not a part of our family. 

I asked Casey if he wanted me to write something in this letter to you and he wanted to tell you this, "Sometimes when I'm at school, I wish Erik was sitting next to me in class so he could be my buddy. Erik is funny, I almost think he is a clown, he always makes me laugh. I love him."-- Casey

Thank you for being so easy to love, Erik. Thank you for choosing us to be your folks. We adore you and we look forward to every single day with you.


Mom, Dad and Casey

On Wednesday, while I was at work, Pedar texted me a note that read, "Took Erik to Barber Joe's. Grumpy old man ignored my request for a trim and butchered his hair!"

We're looking forward to his curls coming back! We took Erik to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today to help celebrate his Birthday with Aunt Bridget, Uncle Chuck, Liam and Lila too. We all had a terrific time! Will post pictures soon. 

Happy Birthday, Erik!

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