Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Casey's first art show!

Mission Avenue put on a beautiful art show tonight titled, "Artistic Expressions." Casey submitted two drawings.

Casey worked on this drawing in Tahoe. We bought some binder paper and some colored pencils and he busted this amazing drawing out. I wish we had had nicer paper for him to create this masterpiece on. Can you see the face?
We grabbed a Jamba Juice before we rushed to Casey's baseball game.

Casey loved seeing his artwork displayed! I think we will be participating in this art show for many more years!

I signed Casey up for a two week art class this summer. We are so excited to see what he learns!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. I have a ton of fabulous pictures, but they are all at home, so I will share with you what I have on my phone.

We drove up to Tahoe Friday afternoon. It snowed on us on the way up the mountain. Pedar rolled down the windows and let the kids touch the snow. They loved it.

We arrived Friday, got settled in, visited with Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop and went to bed. The next day we went to Chambers Landing to try and catch some Crawdads. We put our nets in, but it was freezing outside so we only lasted over an hour. We went for a drive and when we got back, Dagny and Jenna had arrived so it was fun to play with them for a bit. Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop hosted a big dinner Saturday night at the cabin so everyone would get a chance to visit with Jen who moved back in December to Baltimore.
Casey made this beautiful drawing on Friday. It is AWESOME!

Yes, I enjoyed a Chambers punch! Even though it was snowing!

Chambers Landing

Mor-Mor enjoyed some snuggle time!

We had a great time visiting with everyone Saturday night. We stayed till lunch on Sunday and then we drove back home. We didn't want to get stuck in traffic on Monday.. We went to Twanet and Mike's for an awesome BBQ on Monday. It was a great weekend. I promise to post more pictures soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dance and Baseball

Last night Erik had his first dance performance at Montessori. He did really well. He got a little nervous and started pulling at his lip but he danced and smiled and was adorable. After Erik's show we had Casey's baseball game. Awesome day. I'll post video of Erik dancing later.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Wednesday!

Really bad picture of boys enjoying ice ceam-- but my point is that Erik can go from smiling to....

A cranky pants in about two seconds flat! His new favorite phrase lately is, "Stop being a cranky pants, Mommy!"

Checking out the shapes on the street because of the solar eclipse.

Don't judge me, this was so yummy! Beer + Margarita = Berita?

Which one of us needs a tan or atleast some bronzer?  I've never tried bronzer and my face needs to embrace some very soon!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We had a fantastic weekend. I went for a run Saturday morning and I played in the garden all day. I got caught up on a lot of chores. We had Casey's good buddy Kekoa over to play for a few hours. I went to bed feeling relaxed and content.

On Sunday Pedar had to work at the Pacific Rim Festival. He was out the door in the wee hours of the morning. The kids and I had a slow Sunday morning and then we headed to Soil Born Farms to check on my teammates who were spreading the word about our Dig In Sacramento project.

Sunday was HOT, it was about 95 degrees. The kids were troopers and hung out at the farm for almost two hours.

The boys made a worm house and a lot of art projects! It was way cool!

Super hot, but super cute!

We ended the day celebrating Dagny's Birthday and enjoying the solar eclipse!! It was a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh YES he did!

Pedar came through BIG TIME! I got home last night and was handed a bag with a beautiful sundress and adorable wallet! I know Pedar loves me. I feel a bit like a brat complaining about my Mother's Day. Poor Pedar, most wives just bitch to their family and friends, I bitch to the World Wide Web!! No worries, honey, only 35 people read this blog anyways!!

I am SO lucky to be a Mom to two beautiful boys, but I AM ESPECIALLY LUCKY to be a Mom and HAVE a TERRIFIC partner. Enough said.

I haven't told you about Pedar and Casey's overnight they had last week at the Sacramento Zoo!
At the Sacramento Zoo!

Sleeping in their tent at the Sacramento Zoo!

I need to get the pictures and share them with you. Three first grade classes from Mission Avenue  spent the night at the Zoo. They slept in tents on the lawn by the reptile house. The next day they had breakfast, toured more of the zoo and then played at the park all day. They had a fantastic time.
Baseball season is wrapping up. This has been the most fun team experience we have ever had. Erik has had a great time too.
Man I love these boys!!