Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Picnic

This past Saturday we attended the Western Health Advantage Summer picnic. We had a terrific time. The weather was perfect, the BBQ was delicious and the people were great. Sarah Maren, very talented photographer, set up her photo booth at the picnic! We had a great time being goofy. I love this photo booth stuff!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Throw some money at us, please!!

 This September, Pedar and I will be riding with the Western Health Advantage team in Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails' Bike Trek.

No, Pedar will be riding on two wheels for this ride!

We have committed to riding over 100 miles to support a great cause! Breathe California provides valuable programs to our communities to clean our air, educate our youth to say "No" to tobacco and teach people who suffer from asthma how to manage their disease.

Excited about riding with Pedar and the WHA team!

I am so excited about riding a bike by myself and not yelling at anyone to stay out of traffic!

We are excited about this bike trek and hope you will help us accomplish our fundraising goasl! Please support us with a donation! Go to this website to donate: Thank you so much!

If you want to join the WHA team and bike with us, let me know!! There is plenty of room on our team! Here is more information on the bike ride: http://www.sacbreathe.org/eventdetails.html

Nora and Pedar


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Timing is everything, isn't it? Yesterday we went to WHA's Summer picnic at Gibson Ranch. We had a great time. Pedar rode a mechanical bull. Casey must have thrown over 30 water balloons. Erik just wasn't himself because he hadn't pooped in three days. 

Yes, since we switched over to underpants, he has been waiting several days to poop. He wasn't feeling well. He was VERY clingy and wouldn't eat. He slept on the way home so I ran into Rite Aid to get some Pedia-Lax chewable tablets and some Pedia-Lax glycerin suppositories. As a parent, I have never had to buy these items. Erik is our first experience with constipation. So, we give him some tablets and wait. Nothing. 

Later that afternoon, Pedar and I were trying to cook and clean to prepare for our friends who were coming over for dinner. Erik would not let me put him down. I could tell he was in pain and really uncomfortable. I decided I had to use the glycerin drops and I really didn't want to.

I took him in into the bathroom and begged him to lie down, but he wouldn't so I had to hold him across my lap and do it. As I'm giving him the stuff, struggling to hold him down, I think to myself,"This is one of those parent moments I was hoping to escape." Oh well. So I get it done, I put Erik on the potty and he starts crying. I felt awful. It finally happens and his behavior immediately changed. He was SO HAPPY. He never wanted to be held again  and had a terrific time with Ellie and Mason.

We rode our bikes to the Hausman's house the other night. Aunt Lisa was the only one home. Jeff was camping with Megan and Lindsey was working. We had a fun visit with Lisa. 

We are about to go on another bike ride this morning. The weather has been absolutely perfect these past two days. Erik and Casey are excited to go "fishing poling" this afternoon too. We're going to pick up two new fishing poles and see if we can get any bites along the river!!

The other night we were talking about Aunt Margery's baby girl on the way and Erik decided that we have to get her mi-mi blankets. Here is a video I took of him talking about the baby and blankets:

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. We leave Friday for Bodega Bay for our first camping trip of the Summer. We are so excited!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Love

My hydrangea bushes are getting bigger and bluer this year! I wish I hadn't planted hopseed bushes on this one fence line. I planted photinia bushes on the other two fence lines and I love the color and the height of the photinia. I am finally starting to get the garden wall effect I want.

Grandma Dagny told me to plant this Aspidistra, a.k.a., "Cast Iron" plant. She liked to emphasize the ASS in Aspidistra.

Now that the plants have grown up, its finally starting to look like the path I planned.

The hydrangeas under the Mulberry are doing well too!

These hydrangeas are off the hook this year!

Curly's path to his dog door smells heavenly of jasmine.

I transplanted Grandma Dagny's crazy daisies around the Liquid Amber tree and the small Crepe Myrtle tree. They have circled both trees. They glow at night. They look beautiful. The daylillies are doing great too.

Do you see the photinia on the far right, against the fence? Both neighbors have added on to their homes, so I wanted to create garden walls against the fence lines to create privacy and ambience. The photinia are finally filling out and creating the look I wanted.

Still need a patio cover. Maybe by the end of this summer?

My neighbors gave me the Agapanthus they didn't want. I used them to circle the smoke bush Pedar got me for Mother's Day a few years back.  Agapanthus might be a retro plant, but it is so easy to maintain in the heat. There is no water to these plants. I hand water every once and awhile and that is all they need.

Still hoping this hedge grows in front of the sun garden.

I'd like to take out some of this lawn, but the kids need the space for now. Curly is the luckiest little dog on the block.

These hydrangeas are turning darker and bluer. They used to be a lighter pink.

They are HUGE!

Thank you, Margie for the cool Buddha.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bassi Falls = Awesome Day Hike!

We love going to Bassi Falls. We've taken both kids since they were small. It is the perfect day hike. We always come back to this  great spot with lots of shade and a little wading area.

Erik was asleep before we could hike back to the car!

We loved spending the day with Mor-Mor, Pop-Pop and Aunt Dagny!

Casey loves to climb rocks!
Some day he will be a great hiker!

Love that they all have backpacks on!

Casey was making fun of Erik for falling asleep, but look what happened two minutes later....

We had a very peaceful drive home!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My little Margie is going to be a Mommy!

I am so excited to welcome this precious baby girl to the world! She is planning on making her entrance around Halloween! Just happens to be her Mom's (Margery's) favorite Holiday!!

My Margery is going to be a Mommy!!  Congratulations Art and Margery! We cannot wait to see you and hug you!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I hope all the Dad's today feel a bit spoiled and loved! I want to send lots of love to my Dad, Pedar's Dad, Chuck and Leif! You all are terrific Dads and we love you!

Today we are going on a hike to Bassi Falls. It's should only be 97 degrees today. Yesterday is was about 106. Yucky. We went to see Wicked last night and the parking garage at 10:45 p.m. was 110 degrees. Felt like Vegas.

I want to thank Pedar for making my dreams come true by making me a Mom. When we were first dating we talked about what we really wanted in life. Being parents topped the list. Pedar is the best Dad and husband. He is patient, fun, loving, hardworking and sexy. At the wedding the other night, the groomsmen said to never forget to remain friends with your spouse. There is no one I would rather work, play, travel and dance with than Pedar. He is my best friend.

Thank you for being such a beautiful role model for our boys. I adore you. I love you! Your, Nora