Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Love

My hydrangea bushes are getting bigger and bluer this year! I wish I hadn't planted hopseed bushes on this one fence line. I planted photinia bushes on the other two fence lines and I love the color and the height of the photinia. I am finally starting to get the garden wall effect I want.

Grandma Dagny told me to plant this Aspidistra, a.k.a., "Cast Iron" plant. She liked to emphasize the ASS in Aspidistra.

Now that the plants have grown up, its finally starting to look like the path I planned.

The hydrangeas under the Mulberry are doing well too!

These hydrangeas are off the hook this year!

Curly's path to his dog door smells heavenly of jasmine.

I transplanted Grandma Dagny's crazy daisies around the Liquid Amber tree and the small Crepe Myrtle tree. They have circled both trees. They glow at night. They look beautiful. The daylillies are doing great too.

Do you see the photinia on the far right, against the fence? Both neighbors have added on to their homes, so I wanted to create garden walls against the fence lines to create privacy and ambience. The photinia are finally filling out and creating the look I wanted.

Still need a patio cover. Maybe by the end of this summer?

My neighbors gave me the Agapanthus they didn't want. I used them to circle the smoke bush Pedar got me for Mother's Day a few years back.  Agapanthus might be a retro plant, but it is so easy to maintain in the heat. There is no water to these plants. I hand water every once and awhile and that is all they need.

Still hoping this hedge grows in front of the sun garden.

I'd like to take out some of this lawn, but the kids need the space for now. Curly is the luckiest little dog on the block.

These hydrangeas are turning darker and bluer. They used to be a lighter pink.

They are HUGE!

Thank you, Margie for the cool Buddha.

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