Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday!

Need to treat my man to a nice long drink! It's been a long week of work and kids. I love this guy! I just love him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Help AVA find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes!

In June, my niece Ava was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I wrote this post with Ava in mind. The way that Ava and her parents accept her new life is inspirational. She is so independent, brave, responsible and loving. Her biggest wish is to find a cure-- so of course that is our biggest wish too!

On Sunday in Portland, Ava, her family and friends will be walking to support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Please donate to JDRF and help Ava raise money to find a cure! Click HERE to donate!

In Sacramento, the JDRF walk is on Sunday, October 7. I am going to try and rally a group of people to walk! Are you with me? Pedar will be out of town, but the boys and I want to walk for AVA!!!

Register for the walk HERE

Date: October 7, 2012

Walk Location: California State Capitol


Walk Start Time: 9 a.m. (registration starts at 8 a.m.)

Length of Walk: 2 miles

Join thousands of friends, family and others of all ages who care about finding a cure for T1D at our annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. This fun and exciting event attracts over 4,500 each year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Loving more

This weekend I felt like I yelled, snapped and sighed a lot. I was impatient and frustrated. Pedar and I both said that this weeked felt hard. But I told him that I heard somewhere that, "If you're not yelling at your kids, you're not spending enough time with them!" I have also heard, "Better for you to yell at your kids than someone else!" I want my boys to save their worst behavior for me, but I would like MORE of their good behavior too.

I don't want to be a grumpy Mom. I don't want to raise ill-mannered children either. I want to lead with love. Depending on what is happening in my world, sometimes being loving is much harder than it sounds. Sometimes my children just think of themselves--wait--I know, I sound crazy, right? I'm expecting my kids to consider someone else's needs? YES! I do want them to consider that Mommy and Daddy have stuff to do and that they may have to wait. Reality is good.

 I also realize that my children have two working parents that don't come home until after 5 p.m. every night and they are STARVING for our attention. The same attention that was depleted during the day by so many others. During the work week we only have a few hours to make them feel loved, safe and special. Sometimes I waste those precious hours being impatient and tired.

I was talking to a dear friend about parenting woes and she said that she wants her girls to not harm eachother with hurtful words when they bicker and fight. She knows they will fight, she is one of several children herself, but even with her own siblings, they held back from saying something that would leave permanent damage, you know? It was a family rule/understanding. I really like what she said. I don't want to do any harm when I am feeling fussy and pissy. I want to love more and be pissy less!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Women's Empowerment

Here is a very powerful video from Intel that highlights their relationship with the Sacramento Women's Empowerment program. Women's Empowerment educates and empowers women who are homeless with the skills and confidence necessary to get a job, create a healthy lifestyle, and regain a home for themselves and their children. 979 women have graduated the Women's Empowerment program since 2000.

Several employees at Western Health Advantage volunteer at Women's Empowerment every year.  After I complete the Leadership Sacramento program this December, I am going to volunteer to be a mentor at Women's Empowerment and help a formerly homeless women graduate from the Women’s Empowerment job-readiness program.

You can make a donation on their website or call and find out how you can help!

Women's Empowerment

1400 North C Street

Sacramento, CA. 95811




Friday, September 21, 2012

First Mission field trip of the year!

This morning I accompanied Casey's 2nd grade class on their first field trip. I drove three adorable children to the American River parkway and we cleaned up trash along the bike trail.  

This guy came peddling along. Isn't he great?

We did have one runner who said some nasty comment about "sharing the road" and then he grabbed the top of one little boys head and nudged him to the right. A Dad yelled at the runner and the runner flipped him off. I thought the Dad might go all NFL on the runner, but thankfully he didn't. This retired gentleman had all the time in the world to complete his run and instead of enjoying the view of adorable seven-year-olds doing a good deed, he had to be a cranky pants. Good day to you, Mr. Grinch!!

 We had a great time. My kids were awesome. We had to stop to use a bathroom on the way back (we all had to go SO bad) and I couldn't help but get them a little treat for being so good.

After I dropped them off safely at school, I headed back to work. Tomorrow morning I will be at the Heart Walk and then we have the Autumn Equinox at Soil Born Farms!! YEAH!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sacramento: California Begins Here

I am proud to be from Sacramento. I love my city. I love the weather and the people. I want to help identify Sacramento as more than just a place close to Tahoe and San Francisco. I believe Sacramento is a great place to raise a family, work and play. 

Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau has this to say about our fair city:

You may know of Sacramento as the capital of California, the “City of Trees” and the “River City”. But did you also know it to be America’s Most Diverse City*? Visitors to Sacramento will notice this to be true everywhere they look. The city’s residents, streets, parks, restaurants, churches and media organizations all reflect the region’s unmatched cultural diversity and events throughout the year celebrate the ethnic legacies of the Sacramento region. And with the support of Sacramento's City Council and County Board of Supervisors, multicultural programs, activities, organizations and neighborhoods in Sacramento successfully thrive. So no matter where you’ve come from, whether you’re attending a convention or visiting family or friends, you’ll feel right at home when you visit Sacramento.

Sacramento has been very good to me. I think Sacramento is on the edge of something great and I am thrilled to have a front row seat.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taking charge

I feel so energized today! I want to keep this momentum going strong! I'm making my to-do lists and checking items off. I've got a lot of fun stuff coming up and want to be prepared.

Because there are only 31 days in October-- and I say that with a straight face--we decorated for Halloween! I have more decorating to do on the inside but because we may be moving (please, please, please) I'm hesitant to buy decorations that I will just have to pack-- but knowing me, I'll probably have to pick up a few items. Especially since I am hosting a small baby shower in a couple of weeks for baby Rita!!

What are the kids dressing up as this year you ask? Casey is going to be a werewolf and Erik is going to be Buzz Lightyear.

I got weekend plans!! I got weekend plans!! I am super excited about this Saturday because Pedar and I are going to Soil Born Farms Autumn Equinox Celebration!! The boys are excited to spend some quality time with Megan. So its a win-win night for everyone.

Hope you all are off to a great start this week. I am so grateful for my health. So many people are suffering with allergies and nasty head colds. I don't want to take a single day of being able to breathe easily and taste food for granted!! I love tasting food...lately a little too much food has been tasted!

I am grateful for...

1. Skirts! When all your pants are tight, skirts are so forgiving. Mama Nora needs to cut back on the calories and move more!

2. Healthy family.

3. Happy kids. My boys are doing so well right now at school and at home.

4. Super hunky hubby Pedar who loves me and helps me every single day. He made the best dinner on Sunday night--we enjoyed the leftovers last night. Leftovers are so wonderful on Mondays and Wednesdays after soccer chaos.

5. Great co-workers, family and friends. Without their support my world would feel a lot less shiny.

What are you grateful for??

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Emigrant Trails Bike Trek

Last weekend (Sept. 7-9) Pedar and I participated on the Western Health Advantage Bike Trek team. We each raised and personally funded our $450 so we could participate on the Trek – a three day cycling event that raises funds to support clean air, healthy lungs and a tobacco free tomorrow. The 2012 Trek was out of the Petaluma KOA where we enjoyed three days of cycling and two nights camping! We left Sacramento at 5 a.m. on Friday so we could arrive to Petaluma and hop on our bikes around 8:30 a.m. We decided to do the medium ride (29 miles) our first day out. It was a good thing I didn't know that the rest of the Western Health Advantage team was doing the short ride, about 18 miles. I texted Mark and asked him how he was doing around mile 22 and he texted back saying they were all back by his RV enjoying champagne. I was so sad that I had 7 more miles to go!! But we did it! Part of the reason I was able to keep going was because I met 84-year-old Bob. Bob has been participating in the Bike Trek for over 25 years. Bob and I peddled about the same speed. He is a machine. He inspired me to shut my trap and keep peddling. He told me I was too young to be tired.

Pedar and I had bought gently used road bikes on craigslist just a few weeks before the ride. I had never rode mine more than up and down the street the night we bought it. I thought I would have time to practice, but time went and the race came. I didn't know how to shift the damn thing. Thankfully Pedar peddled behind me and coached me through the hils. Nothing like riding 29 miles up and down hills and in traffic to quickly get acquainted with your bike. I had to stop to drink water, I just wasn't coordinated enough to be able to take the bottle out and drink.

This is Mark and I on day two of our ride. We did the short ride on this day, only 22 miles. Mark makes riding look really easy. He had so much fun. It was fun watching him race up and down the hills. An older gentleman hit a pothole on this day and had to be airlifted out of the ride. He broke his shoulder and several ribs and suffered a lot of road rash. His accident reminded us that safety comes first and although the Support and Gear (SAG) cars were great, our safety was our responsibility. I barely knew how to descend a hill safely, but by the end of day 2, I felt completely comfortable with my bike and the road.

The scenery was beautiful!

Almost to the pit stop on day two!

The bike trek is so beautifully organized. Every meal, pit stop and snack is planned. If you need something, you just had to ask. I have never participated in a more organized event. I felt very spoiled.

Half way done with ride # 2!

Chatting it up with my new friend Bob.

Done with day two and so happy to be heading to Lagunitas!

We decided to get an early start like Gladys! We started day three at 8 a.m. We had danced till around 10 p.m. the night before at the Bike Trek dance and we're feeling pooped from two days of riding, but we were determined to finish strong.

It was chilly Sunday morning in Petaluma.

Beautiful hot air balloon

Snack time at the pit stop

Western Health Advantage tied for best bike jersey!

WHA's graphic designer, did an excellent job designing our 2012 bike jersey!

My friend and inspiration, Bob

Almost done with day one!

The bike mechanics were wonderful. My bike was making all kinds of crazy noises during the first ride. They fixed by bike at the first pit stop in less than ten minutes. Not that I was in a hurry to get back out on the road!

The Bike Trek cantina

The Western Health Advantage Bike Trek Team

Our little home away from home

Noelle and I enjoying a delicious lunch at Lagunitas. Thanks David!

We rode by Sonoma State and I had to stop and send Lindsey some love!

Last pit stop on day three. We felt a bit like death, so the decorations were very fitting.

Our little cabin at Petaluma KOA

The party on Saturday night was a lot of fun and it ended at 10 p.m. so we could get as much rest as possible before our last ride on Sunday!
29-22-19= how many miles we rode on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have never been on a bike that many days in a row or have ever traveled that far on my bike. Pedar was so proud of me. That made the soreness and exhaustion all worth while. We got home by 2 p.m. on Sunday to two very happy and adorable boys. The grandpeople gave Erik and Casey two nights of fantastic fun and we are so very grateful.

We hope to ride again next year in the Bike Trek.