Saturday, June 29, 2013

We got the keys!

We signed all of our house paperwork Thursday afternoon and last night we got the keys to South Park Drive. We will move the first weekend in August. We leave this weekend to Tahoe and while we are gone South Park will be tented/fumigated for termites. We rented a 30 cubic yard dumpster to be delivered when we return. We will have it for a week. We will rip out carpets, linoleum and take out all the garbage from the house. We will also try to clean up the yards a bit. We will then immediately have someone come and refinish our floors and then if we can, pay someone to paint--if not, we will be painting. 

The quote for the pool was over $6,000 and this is high season, which means our project might not even get fit into the schedule for awhile. So, plan B is to hire someone to clean it and paint it to make it safe to swim. The fiberglass is peeling and it could scratch a swimmer and we don't want that.

Priorities before August 2
1. Remove yucky carpet and linoleum flooring
2. Clean all the things inside house and garage
3. Paint the inside of the house
4. Refinish floors
5. Clean and paint pool
6. Fix gates/fences
7. Install pool fence

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bye bye DOMA

Artwork by Rose Masterpol
I am thrilled with the Supreme Court's ruling this morning to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) so ALL families have equal protection under the law. Marriage equality is returned to California!

I am celebrating love and families today!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Singing in the rain

It's raining outside today. It makes everything smell so fresh. The new owners of Oxbow (feels weird to say that!) had their inspection yesterday and they found a few things that we believe they are going to ask us to either fix or pay for out of escrow. Ugh. The house is old. It has a few issues--but nothing serious. I feel like they should just accept what they get and don't throw a fit! We have had to accept so much--I want to see others be as flexible as we are!! OK, I've had my temper tantrum. All done. I'm thrilled that we have a buyer.

Bank of America wants to close this week! We could have keys to South Park this week!! Crazy. We leave for Tahoe on Saturday and will be gone for a bit. When we return we will rent a dumpster and fill it with the disgusting carpet, linoleum and junk. Then we can tent the house to treat the termites. After all that, then the real fun, like refinishing the floors and painting can begin.

We meet with some pool folks tomorrow so we can find out (gulp) how much it is going to cost to fix the beast.
I'm off to hug on my people. Hope you get some loving today too!

Monday, June 24, 2013

What is going right?

I am trying to focus on what I want and not talk or think about  what I don't want. I want to focus on happy. I want to focus on love. I want to focus on having more than enough. I have to go after it. I have to make it happen, no one is going to speak up for me or do the work for me. We think we have time and we don't. The time is now.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sierra

Here's hoping that Sierra is laughing, running, cross-fitting, shopping, decorating, organizing, dancing and rapping to her favorite beats today!! Lord knows if anyone can get all that done, it's sister/Aunt Sierra!
Maybe we can go down the river again when we visit in September? That was so fun!
We love you, Sierra! Hope you have a fantastic birthday!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Need some comedy relief? Me too!

I'm trying to handle it--some days are easier than others!

I just love this little guy so much! Hope your week is going OK. This week has been crazy but here's hoping that the worst of it is behind us. I am requesting benevolent outcomes from here on out!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rock climbing camp at Pipe Works

Casey and Kekoa are attending rock climbing camp at Pipe Works this week and they are loving it! They climb everyday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Can you see the exhaustion on Casey's face??  I picked them up and took them to my house today so Nana could watch them (Thank you, Nana and Pops!) and they were very quiet in my backseat on the way to my house. I love this camp!! Kekoa spent the night last night and he woke up at 6:15 a.m. and said, "Casey! Casey! We have rock climbing camp today! Awesome!!" We are seriously jealous of these kids this week!

Here is a video of my little Spider Man!

Sale Pending!


We SOLD our house! We got a GREAT offer Saturday night!! The adorable engaged couple walked through our house Friday morning and came back on Saturday with their families!! They have been looking for a few months and have been outbid several times. They wrote us a very nice letter and provided a terrific offer. They were fine with us not moving until the first weekend in August so we can work on South Park. We hope to get the keys to South Park on July 10th.

We are so excited and grateful. We have a few things we have to do for the Oxbow inspection. We need to sheet rock the garage near the washer so it is up to code. Tomorrow is the inspection of South Park. I cannot wait to hear how that goes. I pray that there isn't a ton wrong. Here is my mental list of what we need to do. A lot of these items will take awhile, but most of it I hope to get done before August 9.

House to-do list

Clean everything (house, shed, garage) rent dumpster
Remove carpet
Refinish hardwood floors
Remove linoleum in laundry room (stain concrete)
Remove linoleum in kitchen (stain concrete)
Remove linoleum in den (stain concrete)
Paint walls of entire house (inside)
Paint outside of house (repair dry rot) need new trim around windows
New gutters
Fix pool
Install pool fence
Purchase pool supplies
Remove monster bush in front yard, ivy and trim trees
Clean and stain deck, patio and bridge in backyard
Fix broken fence(s)
Build gate in between garage and back of house
Put in baseboards
Put in crown molding
Replace interior doors
Closet organizers
Paint kitchen cabinets
Paint pantry and bathroom cabinets


Monday, June 17, 2013

Casini Ranch

Around 6 p.m. on Friday evening we pulled into Casini Ranch for two nights of camping. We were ready to escape the constant text messages from realtors asking to come by and see our house. Just that morning I was called at 7:45 a.m. and asked if a realtor and her clients could come by. I wasn't going to clean the house Friday morning. We had stuff out to pack for camping. We planned on getting home, packing the car and then cleaning up and making the house perfect for the Open House on Saturday. But I ran around like a woman with her hair on fire and cleaned it all up Friday morning.
It was so nice to leave it all behind. We didn't have cell service so we couldn't get calls or emails. Perfect.

We're already looking forward to our next camping trip!

Pedar rented one of these funny bike tractors Saturday afternoon. The boys had fun!

Beautiful Russian River

We were a little bit cold in the evenings, but it was great!
We went to the beach on Saturday. I think it was Goat Rock State Beach. Gorgeous day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Make a wish

I've been singing to the boys at bedtime for a few months now. I don't sing much anymore, so this is my one outlet. They ask for me to sing, so I can't be that bad, right? Sometimes Pedar even joins me. The songs I sing the most are:

1. You are my sunshine
2. When you wish upon a star
3. Goodnight Sweetheart
4. A whole new world
5. I love you a bushel and a peck
6. Camp Granada
7. Part of your world
8. Have I told you lately that I love you?

I believe in the the power of prayer. So much of praying is making a wish and hoping it is heard and answered. When I have felt most overwhelmed, I have realized that I have fallen out of prayer. Sometimes my prayers aren't answered. There have been many opportunities that didn't happen and I had to accept that there was a different plan. Acceptance is so hard. I'm just going to keep wishing and hoping and planning and dreaming. I'm going to pray for you too--because I love you! I am so grateful for all my people. Thank you my people, for being so kind and loving. I hope I get the opportunity to help you soon. I'm feeling the need to GIVE BACK!

I want to go to Disneyland now!!! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

For Sale

Our house is officially For Sale! The brokers had a walk-through yesterday afternoon and last night we had a couple come over and stay for over an hour and a half. We hung out in a park around the corner till 6:30 p.m. This weekend our house will be open from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

It's happening. It's happening. It's happening.

We both have so much love for Oxbow. A few tears will be shed when we leave. We've learned so much in this home. Everything will be fine though because we have each other.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Listen and Silent = same letters

When your friend or family member is going through a hard time, it is not the time to offer advice or push them on what you think they should be doing or share what happened to you. It is just time to be supportive and to LISTEN. I guarantee that you are not having the same experience as them. Maybe it is similar, but sharing what you did or how you did it, is not the best way you can offer support. Ask them how you can help and listen. This has been a public service announcement. Now it's time to laugh!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I choose HAPPY!

Yesterday we were told that we cannot schedule an inspection until the water is turned on. Why can't the water be turned on?  Because the previous owners owe over $900 for the water bill. Do you think  Bank of America is going to pay the bill? No, I don't either. The bank we are securing financing from (Wells Fargo) wants to do their own appraisal of the house as well and will not be able do it unless water is on and an oven is in the house. Will anyone pay for the oven that was stolen? No, I don't think so either. We will most likely have to replace these items as well. I'm done waiting on people to make decisions. I'm ready to throw some cash at problems so we can move forward. Waiting is overrated. I like action.

The only house we have control over is our current one. We will be listing tomorrow. I will be so grateful when we have sold our house and can just focus on moving. I need that peace of mind.
But you know what? I choose to be happy! None of this nonsense is going to keep me down! It could be so much worse. We could have lost out on this house. We could have a ton more projects we need to do in order to feel ready to sell Oxbow. This yucky stuff will pass. We will be moving. We are keeping are our eye on the prize.  

We're going camping this weekend with good friends. The weather is off the hook gorgeous. My husband is super hunky. My kids love to hug and kiss me. My family and friends are the best! Even my dog is cute. Life is good.


Monday, June 10, 2013

We CAN do it!

This weekend Pedar and I painted our front door and garage door. It wasn't hard and they both look so much better. I' m sad that we didn't complete these projects sooner. They both took less than three hours to complete. Why did we wait so long? I guess I thought that we wouldn't be able to do a good enough job. I doubted that we could do it well. I thought that maybe we should hire someone so it would be done well. 
 I've painted plenty of walls and even kitchen cabinets and doors, but I've always had so many things to complete that I never took the time to do a really good job. I just kind of slapped it on and moved on to the next project as fast as I could. This time we just focused on these two projects and they turned our great.
We CAN do it. We can do hard things. We can be proud of our work. I'm looking forward to finding other new things that we are able to complete.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Laugh or Cry

I choose to laugh most of the time. But there are days that I need a big ol boo hoo. I took my friend Lara by our new place Thursday evening. I just wanted to show her the neighborhood and maybe get in the backyard. When we got there the back gate was open. Odd. Typically its locked. We walked out back and I noticed that the living room window was wide open. Screen off, window open. It was 97 degrees on Thursday. I looked inside and saw some food cartons and my stomach dropped. Pedar and I called our agent later that evening and he went over there late Friday.

Late Friday afternoon was good. We found out that we finally moved into escrow. We finally knew that we are 30 days from having keys. We jumped at 3:30 p.m. to gather all of our financial paperwork again. I got off work around 4:30 p.m., rushed to Rosemont to pick up Casey from my folks and get home. We were having our dear friends and their 10 day old baby over for dinner. Sutter Lee Weeden is gorgeous. Annie and Mark are very proud of their new little brother. Erin and Matt are doing so well it's hard to believe that they had a baby ten days ago. Happy 1st Anniversary to Matt and Erin. You've had a very busy and wonderful first year!!

The kids had a blast on the slip-n-slide!

Our agent called me as I was driving home from work and I just knew it wouldn't be good. He told me that someone had stolen the oven and the microwave. I wasn't that surprised. I knew something was terribly wrong when I saw the window open on Thursday. Our agent guessed that someone broke in the window, opened up the front door and took the oven and microwave out. They came back in the house, locked the door and climbed back out the window. Nice of them to lock up the place. This house has been empty for almost a year. The neighborhood is really quiet. Someone took advantage of an empty house. The thieves used the facilities as well and the water isn't on, so you can imagine how gross the bathrooms are. They left a homemade bong for us as well. Yeah us! Maybe it was the lawn guys that Bank of America hired to keep the place looking somewhat decent. 
Sorry to see you go, oven and microwave! I didn't like you, but I was going to keep you around for awhile. Hey, at least I know what to buy Pedar for Father's Day!
We'll see if anyone takes accountability for this new mishap. We are buying this house As-Is. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit. Nothing went smoothly when we bought our current house As-Is either. The owner wouldn't leave. She stayed in the house three days after we were supposed to be able to move in. Then she didn't leave us the key to the garage. I had to hire a locksmith to open it and when I did, guess what? It was completely full of crap. The entire house was full of furniture and garbage. 

This house has a lot of furniture and crap we need to purge it of as well. I cannot wait to get a dumpster. I can't wait to get rid of the carpet and refinish the floors and paint. At least I know what to expect this time. Is it worth it? Yes! It is still worth it!

I'm looking forward to listing our house. I hope it sells as quickly as everyone believes it will.

It was close to 108 today in Sacramento. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Poor Casey has had a 101 fever all day and a sore throat. We've been laying low all day. Hope he is better tomorrow.

Friday, June 7, 2013

We are in escrow!

We finally heard that we are in escrow. We did it. I am proud of our grit. We persevered and we fought for this place. It's time to celebrate. Thank you!! Thank you!!!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Almost done waiting

We're waiting on final documents from Bank of America so we can move into escrow. We will be moving to 4415 South Park Drive. We will be selling our house on Oxbow. We got word yesterday that the lien on the second was negotiated/approved and we are finally ready to move into escrow. We have been waiting nine months on this house. Yes, it needs to be inspected still, but not much would qualify as a deal breaker right now. What if there was black mold you ask? We could fix that. This house has been standing since 1950. It will continue to stand. We just need to give it some love and attention. We are ready to make our list of house projects. We're ready to prioritize. We won't know when we will be moving for a week or two. My best guess is around July 13 or July 20.

Thank you to everyone who prayed or thought a nice thought for us! We appreciate you. Nine months is a long time. This is our forever house. I've got BIG plans and I cannot wait to make them come true. I will be taking lots of before video to show you. Our boys stopped asking if we were moving awhile back, so now we get to start the talk all over again.

Bring it ON. Bring on the packing. Bring on the cleaning. Bring on the organizing. Bring on the exhaustion. Bring on the gardening. I am grateful for all of it. It means I have something to pack. I have something to clean. I have a house to organize. I have a family that needs me. I have a yard that needs my mad skills. We're going to take it on like a BOSS. We can do this. It will take time, it always does, but it is going to be AWESOME.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last day of school!!

We have a lot of fun planned today for Casey to celebrate his last day of school. 

Casey was ready for the talent show this morning!

The performers had to arrive early. The MP room was completely filled! People were standing outside just to be able to hear the acts.

Last day of school at Mission Avenue!

We got home and surprised Casey with tickets to the Giants game TODAY!!! We are off to San Francisco.