Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pedar on Good Day Sacramento

Pedar appeared on Good Day Sacramento today to promote Wells Fargo's sponsorship of Free Wednesday's at the Zoo for kids under 11 years old--as long as they have a paying adult--four kids under 11 can get in for FREE. Tomorrow is the last day to get in for FREE!

Here's the link: http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/9146216-zoo-scavenger-hunt-part-2

7. More. Days

We move in one week. Are we ready?? We're getting there. We need to box up more of our belongings--but I feel good now that we have moved the garage and most of everything in the backyard. All of Erik and Casey's toys and books are boxed. I am going to box up the linen pantry and all the closets this week. We have a few guys helping us move on Tuesday. We will most likely load up our truck and car with boxes this weekend and just place them on the back patio. The hardwood floors are being done right now, so we can't move anything inside until Monday. We have filled the garage and we have 1800 square feet of painted baseboards waiting for us in our garage. 

On Monday I hope to clean the house (ton of dust from the floors), line the cabinets and move the kitchen and bathroom stuff. I might be able to move most of our clothes as well.

I'm thrilled with all of the work that has been able to get done in this short time. We have thrown money at paint, flooring and a bit at the pool. We've financed appliances, pool fence and windows. We've cleaned, repaired and built a gate. I cannot wait to just be in the house and not feel so scattered and unorganized. Many thanks to Lou, Pop-Pop Jim, Dawn, Melanie, Pedar Mor-Mor, Mom, Dad, Dean, Dagny, Lisa, Jeff, Adam the painter, Ben the tiler, Jay the hardwood floor guy, Nathan the pool guy, Kevin the moving guy, Bruce the window guy, the folks at Lowes for helping us coordinate appliances and the pool fence, our old and new neighbors for their well wishes and so many more people that I know I am accidentally forgetting.

Check out what we have gotten done so far!! Woot woot!

South Park house to-do list
Created: June 18, 2013

Updated: July 30, 2013

1.       Clean everything (house, shed, garage) rent dumpster

2.       Remove carpet

3.       Refinish hardwood floors

4.       Remove linoleum in laundry room

5.       Remove linoleum in kitchen

6.       Remove linoleum in den

7.       Paint walls of entire house (inside)

8.       Paint outside of house (repair dry rot) need new trim around windows

9.       New gutters

10.   Fix pool

11.   Install pool fence

12.   Purchase pool supplies

13.   Remove monster bush in front yard, ivy and trim trees

14.   Repair, clean and stain deck, patio and bridge in backyard

15.   Fix broken fence(s)

16.   Build gate in between garage and back of house

17.   Put in baseboards

18.   Put in crown molding

19.   Closet organizers

20.   Paint kitchen cabinets

21.   Paint pantry and bathroom cabinets

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lindsey's 21st in Vegas

We are having an awesome time in Vegas!
The Stockton airport is super cute! 
Dagny coordinated a limo to pick us up from the airport to take us to the palazzo.

We were treated to champagne upon our arrival.

Pool time!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Welcome to the world Bainey!!!

My beautiful friend Carina welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world yesterday!!! Congratulations Carina, Aaron and big brother Brannon!! We love you all very much!!

Welcome to the world, 
Bainey Shastajoy
8 lbs 13 oz

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday, Lindsey!!

Looking forward to spending this weekend in Las Vegas celebrating Lindsey and making memories with my ladies!! Five more years Megan, and it will be your turn, we promise!!

Hope you have an awesome day, Lindsey!! We love you!!!

Megan and Lindsey! My flower girls!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sacramento, it's about the people!

 Had to share this video and article with you. I am very excited for Sacramento! Yahoo!

By Marcos Breton

For the longest time, it was difficult to put into words why I love Sacramento – why we love Sacramento.
As a community, we are labeled as a backwater, a cow town.

San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge. The Hollywood sign embodies Los Angeles. San Jose is Silicon Valley.
But who are we?

In the absence of obvious answers, we became – in the minds of many outsiders and some locals – the community with no discernible identity. We were the community with an "inferiority complex." In the absence of symbols that proclaim Sacramento's sense of place, we were the place between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.

It's a bum rap.

If there is no iconic symbol for our city, it's because our community is our symbol.
You see it every Second Saturday when thousands of people descend on midtown. You see it every Thanksgiving, when thousands descend on the Sacramento State campus for the annual Run to Feed the Hungry fundraiser

We are farmers markets. We are River Cats games on hot summer nights. We are the American River bike trail. We are ethnically diverse. We are the people who would not let the Kings leave town.
We don't always agree on how to deal with homelessness, mental health, crime and struggling neighborhoods – but those neighborhoods are filled with people who care.

Our nearby cities – West Sacramento, Roseville, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills – are independent but interconnected.

Unlike other big California cities, we have not yet become the city we are destined to be.
Now is our chance to shape that future – to grow up – by embracing the optimism of Sacramento's younger people.

According to the 2010 census, Sacramento's median age is 34. We have a large percentage of citizens here in their 20s. Already, young people are remaking downtown, midtown and other areas around the region with new businesses, brew pubs and restaurants.

This new generation loves the old Sacramento but has the energy, vitality and optimism to make a new Sacramento that older residents don't have to fear.

I met a few of them last week, after 14,014 people packed Raley Field to watch an exhibition soccer game Thursday night.

What a night it was to see a huge cross section of people – ages and ethnicities – communing together in the Sacramento tradition. Kids from Placer County sat next to kids from Sacramento's inner city. Many languages could be heard in the Raley Field concourses. "Sweet Home Alabama" blared from the loudspeakers while Mexican bands played live music at Raley Field's front gates.

The occasion was the kickoff to an idea: Bring professional soccer to Sacramento.
It's an idea worthy of support because Sacramento is primed for more amenities, but what is truly relevant about the venture is the way it's being presented.

The arrival of Sacramento Republic FC, a team that will begin playing at Hughes Stadium next season, is announced in a video bursting with a spirit that is infectious.

Young, locally based professionals who love Sacramento and will be part of the generation that moves it forward created both the video and the name and branding of the team.
Hopefully, their message will be emblematic of a new civic pride.

You can see the video at www.sacrepublicfc.com/football-club. Directed and shot by Rusty and Dave Prevatt, the two young guys behind midtown-based Franklin Pictures, the video captures Sacramento's beauty, hope and optimism in 2 minutes, 21 seconds. The Tower Bridge, kids playing soccer under freeway overpasses, older, urban guys playing in the tunnels beneath I-5 at Old Sacramento, lush playing fields in Sacramento's suburban neighborhoods, Jesuit High School, downtown parks, the river – it's all there.
The scene of a kid kicking the ball on a farm brings tears to the eyes because of Sacramento's eternal farming roots and its location as a food producer to the world.

Roseville-based AugustineIdeas and the professionals who work there interpreted the name "Sacramento Republic" to embody a diverse community unified by its sense of place – a community stronger than fires, floods or economic calamities.

"What symbolized Sacramento?" said Julie Amos, an executive vice president of the firm. "Nobody could come up with one thing. We realized before we branded the team, we had to brand the city,
"It's about living here. It's about the people."


By Marcos Breton

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun weekend = Eppie's & cousin time!

Friday was Casey's last class with Leslie at Sacramento Country Day School. This year he took her art class called "Raining cats and dogs." He loved it and he learned a ton of new skills. Thank you, Leslie! We love you!!
Saturday morning Nana arrived nice and early (thank you, Mom!!) so Pedar and I could meet family and friends for the Eppie's race. Nana took the boys to Lila's birthday party at Funderland while we joined our family members at the race. This year I cycled and Pedar ran. I loved cycling and I would have loved it more if I hadn't gotten a flat tire. I mainly was mad at myself that I didn't know how to change my tube. I cycled for about six miles with a flat tire. I learned if you don't go too fast, the tire will stay on the rim. It sucks when the tire slides off the rim--I almost fell off my bike several times--but I managed, and I met Dagny so she was able to get in her kayak and go. There is no support at Eppie's. If you get a flat, its tough luck baby.
We're missing Alicia and our other kayaker from this picture--but here is most of the group before the race!
It was slightly cooler this year!

The end of the race: Jeff, Bill, Megan and Bob!
Dagny pulling in her kayak! Yeah, Dagny!!
Loading the kayaks in the Blue Dog vans!!

Megan, Alicia and Janet

Melanie left right after the race to drive to Los Angeles. We missed you at the after party, Melanie!!

Pedar, Bob and Jeff

Me, Dagny and Pedar

2013 Eppie's Great Race folks!
After Eppie's, Pedar and I went to my parents house to celebrate Chuck, Bridget and Lila Birthday's and take the kids to our house for a sleepover!
Handsome Liam
These two LOVE the swings!

Casey getting in on the swinging action!
Curly had as much fun as the kids!!
Curly loves it when we are all out in the backyard!

Look at his beautiful smile!! I love you, Curly!

Pedar had the kids flying on the swings!!
Liam loves to drive the tractor around the yard!

Happy cousins!
We had bath time than we watched a bit of a movie and had some popcorn!
Story time for Erik and Lila. Lila slept on a twin blow-up mattress on Erik's floor.
Casey read to Liam. Liam slept on Casey's floor on a twin blow-up mattress.  Liam was first to wake up at 6 a.m. and Lila was the last to go to sleep. Around 10 p.m. Erik told her to stop talking and go to sleep and she finally did. We had a great time this weekend. Today, Pedar and Dean were able to prepare the floor in the dining room so Dean can stain the concrete. They worked really hard today and I am so grateful. We also moved over two more truckloads of stuff--but other than that we took it easy. I was hoping to get the playset moved, but we'll get to that later this week. Hope everyone has a great week!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Lila!

My beautiful niece Lila is four-years-old today! 

Yesterday was her Dad's birthday!! Happy Birthday a little late, Chuck! We love you!!!

We are looking forward to watching the kids tomorrow night. Casey and Erik are so excited about the sleepover. Can't wait to hear the whispering and giggles!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It feels good to move stuff!

Thanks to sweet Lisa and Jeff, we were able to move a ton of stuff into the garage at South Park tonight! Thank you for watching the boys!! They had so much fun with you! Erik cant stop talking about your ipad!

We were able to move more than half the garage and four garage shelves. We only have three more shelves and a bit more stuff and other than the bikes and the washer and dryer -- the garage is done! We also moved several boxes of toys, books and all the china cabinet stuff.  When we got there the painter was just wrapping up for the day so we got to see a lot of the work he and his partner were able to get done. Wow! I almost cried. 

The smell in the house is so much better. It's starting to look so different! We are feeling so excited!! Maybe the pool will be ready soon?!! It's going to be 102 this weekend-- it would be so great to take a dip in between car/truck loads on Sunday. 
Were going to fill this garage with most of our stuff this weekend! Woo Hoo!!