Thursday, August 29, 2013

Grown-up furniture! Oh yeah, we got it!

We bought a media cabinet a few weeks ago from Hayneedle. It arrived today. I bought the boys headboards from there and their products are excellent. Pedar and I put it together tonight and it looks beautiful. Our TV has just been sitting on a little end table for the past month and everything else has just been laying around haphazardly. It is so nice to get things off of the ground. I'm going to throw a hammer through the window and purchase some window coverings soon too! Look at me making decisions like I know what I'm doing!! Today definitely ended on a positive note! Oh, and Casey is feeling better too! Thank goodness!!

Good Grief

Casey is home from school today with my Dad because his stomach is now releasing its contents. He doesn't have a fever, thankfully, but he feels crappy. Pardon the pun. I'm ready to dip my house in Clorox.

I would like my family to stay healthy please, for more than two days in a row, so I can finish a few things, like put light switch plates on, organize the garage, unpack a box, put some artwork on the walls, pay some bills, hang window coverings, or maybe just sit across from Pedar and talk to him without being interrupted by a child that doesn't feel well!!!

I feel scattered --like marbles racing across a floor. What do you do to remain calm when you're life hits a @#%* storm? Any advice is appreciated.

Scattered by Jeanne Vadeboncoeur

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet Lorraine

When 96-year-old Fred saw a songwriting contest advertised in the paper he couldn’t help but write one for his wife who’d passed away only a month earlier. They had been together since the 30′s.

Unable to play an instrument or sing, Fred simply mailed in his lyrics. The studio holding the contest saw his song and read his story in the letter he attached and decided to record it for him.
Whether you like the final outcome or not, this is a beautiful story…

Monday, August 26, 2013

Make work your favorite!

Not sure if I have posted this before or not, but I just love this article. Now that my boys are getting bigger, I realize that they need constant reminding in order to create good habits and become hardworking, helpful and thankful kids. I recently had the opportunity to watch our friends son for several days. I noticed that when we arrived home, he always asked if I needed help. My boys just hopped out of the car, barely remembering to pick up their own stuff. My sister noticed the other day that the boys did not take their dishes up to the counter after dinner. They asked to be excused and left without helping.

Good manners are learned, either by watching your immediate family members, or by being instructed by a teacher or someone else. I want my sons to ask if someone needs help. I want them to offer to help. I want them to be grateful and humble. I want them to make eye contact with family members and ask them how they are doing and wait for the answer. I want them to have respect for their belongings and our home. I want them to learn how to take initiative. I want them to know that all they need to do is use their imagination and be resourceful. I want them to know that they can always be of help to someone--and that is everything. Serve others. Be helpful. Keep learning.

I need to do a better job of teaching my sons of what is expected of them. I also want to teach them to look for ways they can help, and to do it without being asked.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pedar!

I hope you have a fantastic day today my love! Church, a solo bike ride and then an awesome little party = great birthday! 

Erik and Casey love you something fierce! I like you a whole lot too!! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh my man I love him so!

This Sunday, August 25, is my man's birthday. I just love him so much. I knew when I met him he would be an amazing Dad and husband. I am so lucky he decided to spend his life's journey with me. Thank you, Pedar. We all have choices and I am so grateful you chose me.
Here are few reasons that explain why Pedar so damn lovable! 

Pedar is: 
  1. helpful. He leads with yes! 
  2. so incredibly patient.
  3. a loving and devoted father. 
  4. so proud of his family. He loves his Mom, Dad, brother, sister, sis-in-laws, brother-in-laws, mom&dad-in-law, nieces, nephew, aunts, uncles and cousins so very much. 
  5. loyal. He keeps people in his life for the long haul!
  6. kind. Last night he helped our new neighbor with her car battery for an hour. He then came home and I told him I broke a sprinkler pipe while planting and he ran around another hour fixing it so we could turn the water on. He does it all with a smile. 
  7. handy. Every time I have a house project in mind, he seems to know how to fix/make it happen. 
  8. hunky. See above. Handy = Hunky.
  9. a good dancer 
  10. a great communicator 
  11. a great kisser and hugger and other things but we'll keep it clean! 
  12. so empathetic. He FEELS deeply. 
  13. my partner. He dreams with me and works with me to make our dreams come true.

This smile right here on Pedar's face, it brings tears to my eyes. This is a happy Pedar. He loves his family so much.

My Man
Album: Funny Girl

Oh, my man, I love him so
He'll never know
All my life is just despair
But I don't care
When he takes me in his arms
The world is bright all right
What's the difference if I say
I'll go away
When I know I'll come back on my knees someday
For whatever my man is
I am his
forever more

Happy 38th Birthday, Pedar! 
Hope this is one of your most favorite years yet!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

On the mend

We had to take Erik to urgent care yesterday. Thankfully, they checked him out and he doesn't have strep and everything else looks good. He just is having a hard time kicking this flu. They gave him anti-nausea dissolvable tablets. Just 20 minutes after he had two, he was feeling better. Wish we had had these on Sunday. He's lost a pound, which is a lot because he only weighs 33 pounds. Looking forward to his appetite and energy coming back.

Grateful to my Mom for helping us watch Erik this week. Grateful that Jim was home last night so we could drop off Casey on our way to urgent care. Grateful for family. 
Choosing to be happy right now!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Feeling grateful for my partner

Yesterday we learned that friends of ours are separating. They have three kids. Several of our friends have separated and divorced these last few years. It is always sad. I always hope that somehow, something can be said or done to make the couple get back together. Most times, they don't. I am not going to pretend that I "know" anyone's marriage. What happens inside of ones marriage is a mystery. I feel sad because I want my friends and family members to feel loved and supported.

I am grieving tonight for my friends. Their life is in upheaval and so much needs to be sorted out. I am praying for them and hoping for the best.
Listen to what your partner needs and respond. Make an ass out of yourself for love.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A little bit of green beauty

On Sunday I drove to Lowe's with the intention of buying light switch and outlet covers and door knobs. Pedar was home taking care of Erik. I always get so overwhelmed at home depot and lowe's. I just end up forgetting about my list and wandering up and down the aisles. I managed to get some towel bars and cupboard stoppers and a few other odds and ends. I did not get any light switch covers. Lately I just feel so rushed into making decisions. Who cares if we don't have plate covers and door knobs?

You know what I choose to do when I'm feeling insecure about making decisions? I choose to do something I feel good about.

I loaded the truck with the few items I purchased. I felt bad that I hadn't gotten what Pedar asked for but I just couldn't figure out what I wanted and what color and wasn't sure I had enough. I walked back into lowe's, but this time I headed straight for the gardening section. I got the flatbed cart and loaded it up with several plants and three 45 pound bags of soil. I got home and hoped to get some of the plants in the ground, but Erik was miserable, so I just took care of him.

I stayed home from work to take care of Erik today. Erik slept a lot today. I cleaned a few flower beds during his naps and in between forcing him to sip fluids.  He finally started keeping lliquids down after Pedar got home. Once Pedar got him settled, I went out and planted the two flower beds and trimmed the crepe myrtle trees. I hadn't realized that it was 101 until I was in the middle of trimming the trees and was a sweaty, yucky mess. I was determined to start making the front yard look better. The dirt around this house hasn't had some green beauty in it for far too long. I cannot wait to beautify our yards. It's going to take a lot of time, sweat and money-- but it will happen. I know it will, because I love buying plants more than carpets, furniture and housewares!!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lorraine

We love you, Aunt Lorraine. We wish we could have celebrated your birthday tonight. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Flu bug yuck!

Erik woke up Sunday morning sick to his stomach and had a high fever. He rallied a tiny bit late Saturday night. He wanted to eat so we fed him and two hours later all that came up too. He slept pretty well, only got sick once. Now is laying on my bed. Oh. He just got sick again. Damn. I was hoping he would feel better today. Just need to give him a lot of hugs and hope he eats again soon. 
Hope everyone out there is doing OK! Love you! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Her name is Rita...she is a showgirl

And she is staying with us until Monday!! My twin sister Margery and her daughter, Rita, are staying with us and we are all so smitten with her!!

She wakes up laughing and smiling!! I got to put her to sleep last night and it was heaven. I'm so grateful that they are here visiting. 
We all took a dip in the pool for the first time yesterday. The fiberglass is still peeling, but until we have $6,000 to throw at the problem, it's at least clean and safe enough to swim!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First day of third grade!

Casey had an excellent drop off this morning! He is so excited about third grade and seeing his friends! It's going to be a fantastic year!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I have two toilets!

Pedar put in our toilet last night!! Woo Hoo!!
We had Mission Avenue's back to school
picnic last night. Casey is super excited to be back with his kindergarten teacher who is now teaching the third grade! Hurrah for Mrs. Collins!! It's going to be a great year!!

Margery and Rita are in town for a few days. They've been staying with my folks. I've only seen them for an hour and I'm going crazy!! Thank goodness they'll be here this weekend too!
We bathed her and dressed her in Erik's pajamas. She has gotten so big. The boys just adore her!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

I meant to move all of my posts from lifeonoxbow to didyougetcuter last week--but you know what happens when we plan? GOD loves to laugh when we make plans!! Our plans are a comedy show! HA HA HA HA HA!

So here I am, sitting at my desk after shoveling a salad in my face, trying to figure out how to move my old blog to this blog.

As you know, I love to ask my boys if they got cuter? It has become a Noraism. Ism: A tendency of behavior, action or opinion belonging to a class or group of persons. In the case, belonging to moi.

We said goodbye to Oxbow. I would show you pics, but my computer at home is still not set-up. Either is the toilet in my bathroom and that is more important. Today marks the seventh day of living in our new house and although I know four people to a bathroom isn't terrible, I'm done. 

This is where I will be for now. I hope you stay and visit. I hope you are doing what you need to do to get cuter and happier too. Because you know what makes you cuter, your smile!!

Love you. Peace out.

Monday, August 12, 2013

So many good things!!

I am so excited about having an indoor laundry room that I did four loads!!
Pedar made a dog door for curly! He won't use it though. Little stinker!

We all shoved him through it a few times! He still won't use it!
We ended Sunday evening by letting the boys play in the sprinklers. We need to green up our crunchy yards!

I'm a little crazy excited because my sister and art and Rita are driving to see us right now!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Friday

New windows!!

New windows

Old windows

Oh my goodness I am so happy it is Friday! I just want to spend the time during the day in my house to unpack!! Off to work I go again-- but tomorrow I get to just stay here and that makes me happy. On Wednesday night we had Erik's swim Olympics. He was so cute!! I'll show pictures as soon as our computer is unpacked. Last night Melanie and Jacob stopped by. I think I only unpacked two boxes last night -- oh well. Our new neighbor, Steve came by and I showed him around.

Almost all the new windows have been placed! They look so great! It is so nice to be able to lock the sliding door too!! The dust is really bad in the house. We need to clean a lot this weekend. Poor Casey is all stuffed up.

It was so nice to clean and leave the keys to oxbow on Wednesday night. It's nice to only have one house to worry about. I came home from work last night to our new home with curly. My parents have been watching him since Tuesday! Thanks mom and dad. We need to make curly a dog door ASAP! He likes the house and big backyard. He slept with Erik last night. 

Our oven is still not installed so we used our camping stove last night. The plumber comes today to hook up the gas line to the stove. Pedar installed the dishwasher and microwave yesterday. It's feeling more like our home and less like we're just visiting. The tile was grouted in our bathroom and laundry room yesterday so we can put our toilet in and the laundry machines in. He ran out of tile so he has to come back next week to finish. The pool is still not ready. We have a lot to do: Install baseboards, put the doors back on, knobs on cabinets, door handles, new lights, remove awful ceiling fans, create a vent from laundry room to outside, install a dog door, get some window coverings, install light switches/outlet covers and a ton of other stuff.
Looking forward to having a toilet in my bathroom!

It will all get done eventually. If it doesn't, that's ok too!
Curly slept with Erik last night.
Love having enough room to have the table extended to fit six people!!
As soon as the oven is hooked up with gas we can put the last cabinet in!
Hope you have a happy day you lovely people!!