Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 cans

Last weekend we raked leaves and cleaned up around the yard for a few hours. We quickly filled all five (yes, we have five) green waste cans. It was so sad when we had no more room. We had to just make huge piles around the yard. Erik helped us smash the leaves down in the garbages. It's nice to have a little helper.
This is just some of our front yard. I dream of removing the ivy and monster bush. We need to trim the trees and put in some decomposed granite in the front so people can park in front of our house. We also want to add a large path from the street to the front of our house. All in time.      
Casey is feeling better today. We rode our bikes to our old Oxbow neighborhood and delivered some cards and said hello. We are getting ready for the Norwegian Christmas party tonight. It is always such a fun time!!

I've been daydreaming about being at the beach. We had such a great time.

Miss you sand and ocean. Can't wait to be near you again!

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