Friday, December 20, 2013

Date night blues

Pedar and I had a fun date night planned tonight. We wanted to go have a quiet meal and maybe catch a movie or walk and look at Christmas lights. Today is the  kids last day of school for two weeks. I took a lot of the next two weeks time off-- so I was looking forward to tonight, you know, to fortify myself for the coming days. This morning was stressful but good. We had the teacher gifts and book exchange gifts wrapped and ready to go. We had holiday party food prepared. After dropping the kids off and driving into work I was already starting to feel more relaxed than I have in weeks.

What happens when you make plans? God laughs, yes?

Around 2, right after I had cemented the time with Lindsey to come over and had decided what movie and restaurant we were going to tonight, I got a call from Casey's school. He had thrown up. Yep, twice. 

Cancel the sitter. Pick up the boys. Bye bye date night. 

Maybe we'll be luckier in 2014.
Good thing they are so cute!

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