Saturday, December 28, 2013

Errand time

We inherited this couch from Pedar's folks. They moved out of their house this weekend. Yesterday it was all done. So now the yucky part of unpacking and finding a place for everything is happening.
I took down Christmas yesterday. Feels good. However, our house feels so plain now that I have removed all the decorations. I feel like I need to put up some wallpaper or stencil some walls. I want to buy some candle thingy's, lamps, trays, knick-knacks and artwork. Feeling the need to decorate!!
Bye bye, tree!
Took the boys out to eat last night. I was done eating leftovers and was not inspired to cook. That and we hadn't left the house much since the 23rd. Felt good to be out in the world. I think I'll head out again now, the boys need haircuts. I need to hit the hardware store and TJ Maxx or Marshalls!! Pedar is using his muscles to help his folks. Kinda wish I was there, but the boys would not be helpful. We know what it is like to unpack with kids-- it's just chaos and you are constantly interrupted -- not putting that on anyone. 

Margie called me this morning! She sounded good. I can't wait to see pictures!

Have a good day everyone! Sending lots of love and prayers out today!!

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