Friday, December 20, 2013

Feeling the Christmas spirit

I am very lucky to work for a health plan that takes pride in giving back to the community. Each year at Christmas, Western Health Advantage gives each department several Target gift cards so they can go shopping as team and buy presents for children. This year, Western Health Advantage was able to fulfill wishes for the kids at the Sacramento Children's Home. My team had the best time shopping together. Most of the kids were not asking just for toys, they asked for shoes and clothing, the simple things that I know my boys take for granted.
I told my kids about my shopping experience and what the kids were asking for. They asked why they lived at the Sacramento Children's Home. They both said they wished the kids could be adopted into loving families. Casey asked, "What happens to the kids when they become adults?" Such a great question. I tried to explain that when they leave they can have huge problems, because these young adults don't have a support system in place. It was a great conversation. I think Casey learned about the different types of kids that live just a few miles away, that we can help.

We have so many wonderful opportunities to help others!!

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  1. Beautiful Nora! Tears indeed...I love that you were able to help so many. Thanks for sharing your writing. Merry Christmas!