Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday, Casey

Today is Casey's 9th Birthday. Before I forget and this year flies like the last, I want to write down a bit about who Casey is right now, so I can look back and remember.
Casey is very sensitive and he is right, a lot. He NEEDS to be right. This needing to be right can cause big arguments when he isn't right. Sigh. Casey is a bit controlling. He wants to control what Erik is doing. What I am doing. What anyone is doing in his house and in his environment. If Erik is playing with a ball and Casey sees him, he will run up and kick the ball. If I am outside and Casey wants me inside, we have an issue. We're working on it.
Casey is a talented artist. He is a great reader and writer. He is doing much better at public speaking. He used to be so anxious and speak so softly in front of his class. He is doing really well with math too. He just needed to learn to slow down and check his work.

Casey loves Minecraft, rainbow looms, his ripstick and the TV shows Turtle Man and Doctor Who.
Casey loves his little brother Erik, his parents, grandparents, extended family and friends and he LOVES his cousins. 
He loves his friends, but most of all, Casey loves Curly.
We love our Casey. We look forward to helping him grow to be an empathetic and helpful young man who thinks of others!
Happy 9th Birthday, little man. Thanks for making me a Mom. You continue to make my dreams come true. I love you.

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