Monday, December 23, 2013

Norwegian Christmas party

Saturday night, Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop hosted the annual Remme Family Norwegian Christmas party. We had the best time! One of my first projects as a newbie into the Remme family (even before we were married) was to help Grandma send out the invites. Every year she would hand me stationery and the party information she wanted on the invite. I would type it all out, print it and bring it back to her so she could mail them out. For a few years, she even had me create an agenda, and asked me to pass it out so everyone knew what to expect. 

The Remme party has always had the same schedule:
1. Mingle with family
2. Eat dinner
3. Nisse arrives with gifts for the kids 
4. Sing songs around the Christmas tree
5. Play the white elephant/useless gift game

I love knowing what to expect!!! 
Whomever the cousin was that dared Casey to put a tattoo on this forehead, will be speaking to me later!

Well done, Mor-Mor and Pop-Pop! Grandma Dagny is so proud of you for bringing the party back into her home and continuing this awesome tradition. Can't wait till next year!  

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Don't know what happened to 2011! Ha ha! 
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