Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad/Jim/Pop-Pop

Happy Birthday!! We love you and are wishing for a year with improved health and much celebrating! We know you will put on your superhero cape and muscle through the yuck so you can continue dancing and laughing!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Erik is 6!!

This adorable little guy is six-years-old today. His personality is so fun. He is silly and easy going. He loves to run and play. He LOVES Casey the most and Curly second. We call him Mr. Nibble because he still doesn't have much of an appetite. He loves Kindergarten. He loves his teacher and friends. Erik loves to sing and dance. He is still a great sleeper and is very affectionate. This year we hope Erik learns to ski and swim more confidently. We look forward to more biking and hiking trips this year as well. We love you little buddy!!

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Erik is here! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beautiful bike ride

Yesterday we went on a gorgeous bike ride around Lake Natoma. 
That evening my high school best friend Jorge came over for dinner. We had the best time catching up. I am so grateful that he makes time to visit while he is in town!!
We got Erik a ski helmet yesterday because we are headed up to Homewood today to get our ski passes and enjoy the day!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gross reminder to wash your hands!

I came across these pictures yesterday of an experiment a teacher did in her classroom. I showed it to the boys and they thought it was very gross and very cool. I think they will wash their hands more. At least I hope they will!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day

My little superheroes!
We got up, opened presents and then Pedar and I made eight pans of cinnamon rolls! We used the Pioneer Woman's recipe. I've made them before and it was fun and easy, but best of all, they are so crazy good. I love that the recipe makes enough for eight pans!! We were able to give everyone a pan when they left our house last night and that was so FUN!!

Later in the day we had everyone over for Christmas dinner and fun. This was our family selfie before everyone arrived. It was nice having a quiet morning.We typically open presents Christmas morning and then run out the door, but we stayed home and got ready for the day and it was really nice. 
Erik and Lila sang Frozen songs to us after dinner! The adults had an ornament exchange game. It was fun! 
Chuck and I had a fun time playing with the bean bag toss game we got Liam and Lila. I played with Rita, Lila and Erik for most of the time before dinner.

At one point, I think there was five people in my galley kitchen, prepping and sharpening. It was a bit crazy. I admit, that I prefer it when people bring food over that is done, on a plate and ready to go, so we can visit and get out of the kitchen. I will have to enforce this rule for future holiday parties. I had a flow planned for dinner and it flew out the window. The green beans were raw and cold. The yummy onions never made it on the beans, and the salad dressing for the spinach salad was left in the fridge. I had planned to set up the food line and call everyone to dinner. I wanted us to sit down and say a prayer of thanks. I was hoping to take a picture of everyone at the table and maybe even get a group picture. Oh well, better luck next year. I need to buy another table and four chairs too. We're getting bigger!!
I am at work today. I bet Erik is still playing with the trucks he got. I love that his favorite toys this year did not have batteries. He played with his trucks for HOURS yesterday.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.