Thursday, January 30, 2014

Margery!! Margery!!

Missing my sister. Would love to see a picture of her in Mexico. Would love a phone call. I would call her, but she hasn't given me a number. I would write and send gifts, but I don't have an address. I feel very disconnected and I don't like it. Just want to know how she is doing. Maybe she will read this and call me. I wish she had a blog so I could keep track of her and all the fun things she is doing! I love you. I hope to hear from you soon. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What are you grateful for?

Sometimes, when your kid has been sick with a wicked cough for over 10 days and you feel like the grey clouds are starting to follow you around, it is important to make a list of everything that is going right! So here I go. Hope you make your list today and I hope it cheers you up!

1. Pedar. Last night he texted me and said,"Why don't I pick up the kids and you go home and put your gym clothes and go for a run!" So I did and it felt great. Thankful for a helpful partner who is supportive of my goals.

2.  Coffee.

3. Health insurance. I took Erik to the doctor again yesterday morning because I was worried his cough wasn't getting better. She said he was OK. His cough is terrible in the morning and at night, it makes me so anxious. Just hearing that his lungs sounded OK, made me feel better.

4. Good health. I am grateful to be walking, talking, laughing, eating, working, breathing and LIVING.

5. Two working cars. Pedar dropped Casey off and went to work and I drove downtown for Erik's appointment and then back to Montessori and then back to work in Natomas. I did a lot of driving yesterday morning. I could have never made it to all my places in a timely way without a car. I rode light rail and took the bus to high school and I will always be grateful to own a car! It is a privilege that I will not take for granted.
 6. I'm grateful to read stories about artists like Andres Armador.
 He uses a rake to create works of art that can be bigger than 100,000 sq. ft. He spends hours creating intricate masterpieces, knowing that the tide will soon come in and wash away his work forever. He was asked why he does it if he knows it will be washed away, "Because its fun!" 

His artwork reminds me that everything is temporary. Things don't matter. They all go away, just like his artwork. What we share with others is what makes a difference. 

Andres website


Monday, January 27, 2014

Bad day

Casey's filling fell out of his mouth yesterday so Pedar called and scheduled for him to visit the dentist today. Pedar drove to Mission this afternoon to take him and as they were walking to the truck, Casey was stung by a bee! 
Now the poor kid is in pain and dreading going to the dentist!
But he did it! And his awesome dad took him out for a milkshake after. He looks so much happier, even though half of his face is numb.
Looking forward to getting home and giving him a hug! Wanted to show you some of his awesome artwork he worked on this weekend. He clipped out some heads from my magazine to make really cool cartoons!
I love this one! I love that he called the model, "The face."

Hiking in Auburn

After church and grocery shopping on Sunday, we drove to Auburn to absorb some vitamin D and get out of the house. Erik was home sick all week. He still has a nasty cough and I think he has lost about three pounds, but he is back at school today.

We could have worn shorts and t-shirts. It was wildly warm!
Casey was chewing gum yesterday and said, "Mom, something hard just fell out of my tooth!" Yeah, his one and only filling fell out. Pedar will be taking him today to get it fixed. The last week and half have been crazy with sick kids and odd appointments.
Fierce rock climbers!
Still feisty, even when he isn't feeling 100%.
Pedar taught Casey and I how to skip rocks. We ROCKED it!
Have a good week everyone. Did you see John Legend perform All of Me last night at the Grammy's? If not, here it is. I love him so much!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baseball tryouts!

Casey had baseball tryouts today! He had to catch, pitch and hit. We were proud of his effort and I loved seeing how excited he was to be playing again! Pedar is coaching Erik's tball team this year. We're lucky because Erik's games  will be on Friday and Casey's will be on Saturday. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

What brings you joy???

What makes you happy? Are you doing what you need to do each day to bring more joy into your life?? Get your happy on! I am going to sing really loud in my car tonight on my drive home and paint my nails later. These two things make me smile. Hope you manage to do at least two things today that bring you more JOY!!!

Come on, get happy! No one can do it for you!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Change does happen!

Wanted to create a new video to show the progress on our house. 
It's been almost six months since we moved in. Thank you to every friend and family member that has helped us! Thank you also to our painter, electrician, Lowe's pool fence dude, baseboard contractor and more. We are so grateful for all the awesome people in our lives.

We moved in on August 6 and school started for Casey on August 15. Our kids did not have an easy summer. We were coordinating house projects months before we put our house on the market and then we sold and started working all over again on South Park. The trip to Disneyland over Halloween was a welcome break. We loved our trip to Portland over Thanksgiving and Christmas was awesome. 

We are now slowly getting back into house project mode. And really, right now it is all about what we can do and not spend any money! We can weed and trim and remove trees and bushes! I'm excited to play outside!!  

Here is a brief list on the stuff we have completed so far: 
1. Paint: Exterior and Interior 
2. New windows 
3. Refinished hardwood floors 
4. Purchased new appliances 
5. New lights in several rooms 
6. New side gate 
7. Removed horrible hot tub and all kinds of other bothersome items! 
8. Installed recessed lights in living room 
9. New tile in master bathroom
10. New tile in laundry room

House to-do list: Not in order of importance 
1. Front yard: Sprinkler system. Remove monster bush in front yard, ivy and trim trees. Remove cactus and oleander trees. Path to front door and so much more!!! 

2. Backyard: Trim trees, decomposed granite on left side of yard, paver patio by pool, pergola for pool. Sprinkler system. Remove strange dog run fence. Create vegetable/fruit tree garden—and so much more!!! 
3. Fix deck near garage 
4. Power wash patio 
5. Clean and stain deck(s) and bridge in backyard 
6. Fix broken fence(s) 
7. Build new gate(s) on the sides of the house 
8. Replace kitchen countertop 
9. Purchase door –knobs. Several doors still don’t have them! 
10. Purchase new doors (for the ones that are too short!) 
11. Install garbage bin and purchase cabinet door. 
12. New kitchen sink 
13. Finish baseboards and trim 
14. Fix pool (new tile, resurface, new deck, etc.) 
15. Remodel guest bathroom-new tile throughout 
16. Remodel Casey’s closet 
17. Remodel Erik’s closet 
18. Install closet organizers 
19. Crown molding 
20. Purchase closet doors for all rooms. 
21. New Water Heater (Ours is old and sounds haunted!!)
22. New Mattress for Nora/Pedar (13 years old this March baby!) 23. New headboard for Nora/Pedar 
24. Bakers rack 
25. Window Seat for Master bedroom 
26. Two new chairs for Master Bedroom 
27. Rugs for Master Bedroom 
28. Bookcases for Master Bedroom 
29. New dining room light fixture 
30. New master bedroom light 
31. New kitchen light 
32. Garage door opener (need a new one!)

Here is the video I took the day we got the keys on June 29, 2013. 

Sick little dude

I am home with Erik today. He still doesn't feel well. Yesterday my mom generously stayed with him all day. Thank you, Mom! Pedar and I really needed to go into work. We really appreciate your help!
Nana and Erik managed to have some fun and play on the green machines in the driveway! So lucky to have such a fun Nana!! 
Erik's cough sounds a little better-- but he spiked a fever again last night. He doesn't have an appetite, so he is weak and a bit lethargic. Today I will try and tempt him with his favorite foods.
Still sound asleep!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 Steps To Stop Worry In Its Tracks

Blog I found post: Tiny Buddha

The next time you find yourself in worrywart mode, try this:
  1.  Write down all your worries. Every single one.
  2.  Read the list and ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do about it?” If not, let it go.
  3.  Keep a serendipity list to consciously notice everything that works out well. (You may be surprised!)

Monday, January 20, 2014

What are you doing for others?

This morning I ran in El Camino High School's 5k run to benefit WEAVE. The race was in my neighborhood! Casey and Pedar cheered me on when I ran past our house. Poor Erik came down with a fever last night and his cough is worse-- so he watched from my bed. Poor kid. 

The race didn't start till 9 a.m. What a nice hour to run!!
I loved the signs that the students made along the way!!
Casey and Pedar cheered me on from the front yard. Erik watched from our bedroom window.
Cousin Megan ran the race too! It is always so great to see her!
 Here I come!!!
 Casey rang the cowbell for me!!! OK, he rang it for all the runners. He loved cheering everyone on!
 There I go!!!
 Feeling warmed up now. Shedding layers!
Casey gave me a big hug when he saw me the second time!!!
Our neighbor Abbie, and Casey had the best time this morning! What a great day!! I hope El Camino coordinates this race every year!!