Sunday, January 5, 2014


Yesterday I signed up to run the Shamrock'n Half Marathon. Several mama friends of mine from Cap City Mom's will be running with me. If you want to join our team, find Cap City Mom's when registering.

I'm telling you that I signed up because I need to own it. I have signed up for races before, even this one and didn't train and ended up not running. I participate in Eppie's every year with my family, but even then I barely train and just do my thing and feel not so great about it. The last time I really trained was probably in 2009. I ran in the CIM with friends in a relay team. I had a great time and felt fantastic. I want that feeling again!
I am happy to report that I ran two miles yesterday and two miles today. Only 11 more miles to add on to that to make 13.1 miles! Ahhh!! I'm not trying to break any speed records. I just want to train and finish. I want to do this with my friends. I want to feel strong and welcome leg muscles back into my life. I've put my body on hold for much of this year. Giving my time and attention to the new house and other stuff. The only person that can make me strong is me.  I am my only enemy. Time may not always be on my side, but I'm going to punch time and my excuses in the face.

Thank you in advance for your support. I'm looking forward to March 16!!! 

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