Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ginger mafia

I received an SOS call from my friend and neighbor the other day. Her husband was out of town with their oldest son on a field trip and she needed to work at her fitness center in the evening for a few hours. She needed my help watching her two youngest kids. She has never asked for my help before. She is my new neighbor. I love her beautiful ginger-haired children and I love her. Of course I said yes! I got off work early, picked up Erik at Montessori and then Casey at Mission and got home just in time for her to drop off her darlings. 

I am so grateful that she called me. She has had Casey over for a playdate and I have not been able to reciprocate. We moved in right as school was starting and our schedules went crazy. I look forward to this summer when it's light out longer and we can play and chat.

The kids immediately started playing like crazy people. All the toys were brought out. I'm talking nerf guns, race car tracks, stuffed animals -- to hit one another with -- and more. The rooms were destroyed, the kids got sweaty = the playdate was a huge success. Did they tidy up? Yes! 
We all went to bed tired and happy. This happiness carried over to me getting my butt up and hitting the gym this morning for a run!

Yeah, I did it! Thanks to my Pedar for helping me get up. Thanks to Carina, Jen and Sierra for also helping to motivate me to get up!! I loved getting home and ready for work and having my run done. Felt really good. Only need to do it 90 more times before it will feel like a habit!!

Thank you Hal Higdon, for your awesome half marathon training program!!

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