Monday, January 27, 2014

Hiking in Auburn

After church and grocery shopping on Sunday, we drove to Auburn to absorb some vitamin D and get out of the house. Erik was home sick all week. He still has a nasty cough and I think he has lost about three pounds, but he is back at school today.

We could have worn shorts and t-shirts. It was wildly warm!
Casey was chewing gum yesterday and said, "Mom, something hard just fell out of my tooth!" Yeah, his one and only filling fell out. Pedar will be taking him today to get it fixed. The last week and half have been crazy with sick kids and odd appointments.
Fierce rock climbers!
Still feisty, even when he isn't feeling 100%.
Pedar taught Casey and I how to skip rocks. We ROCKED it!
Have a good week everyone. Did you see John Legend perform All of Me last night at the Grammy's? If not, here it is. I love him so much!!

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  1. Beautiful! Gabby lives just behind the Sisters of Mercy Retreat & Church