Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trampoline + Erik = uh oh

After our dump run on Saturday, we went to my cousin Amy's house to visit with her family and my other cousin Meghan and Max and their kids. We had a great time. We have seven kids between the three families ranging in age from 5-14. The thee boys are withing ten months of one another. The girls loved Erik and looked after him most of the evening. We all had a great time visiting. Typically we only see one another at weddings or funerals. We have been meaning to hang our for about five years. Later in the evening, Erik was in their trampoline and one of the bigger boys accidentally double bounced/landed on Erik. A lot of crying ensued, but we thought he was ok. He fell asleep on my lap, which is unusual but still, we thought he was OK. 

This morning were getting ready to go to church and Erik just wouldn't walk. He wouldn't bend his knee and he started to cry again. We decided we needed to take him to urgent care. Pedar took him and I took my parents to meet up with Chuck, Liam and Lila at Ancil Hoffman. 
Thankfully the wait at urgent care was short. The doctor saw Erik and thought it was just a sprain but he got an X-ray anyways.
Yep. Just a sprain. They'll call us Tuesday if the radiologist sees anything.
His knee hurts a lot. Poor kid. Hope he heals quickly. We will be more careful about letting him play around big kids. 

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