Monday, February 17, 2014

Awesome weekend!!

We had the most AWESOME weekend. Friday was family time with cousins and grandparents. Saturday, I completed a 7.5 mile run and after we played with Kealii, Claire and Kekoa. We have the best time with the Brights!

Yesterday, we went to church and then prepared to have our dear friends over at 3 p.m. for playtime and taco's!! Erin and Kelly are down to only 54 days to their wedding and we are so excited for them. Together they have four awesome kids. It was so great getting to know all the kids. The kids played for hours on green machines and bikes and with nerf guns. I look forward to making a ton more fun memories with this awesome family.

Baseball practice starts this week. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Casey and Erik are both playing this season. We will be driving around to practices, ordering team banners and coordinating snack shack shifts for the next three months. 

School will be over before we know it. I don't want to rush anything. I need to try and not look so far ahead and just enjoy today.

Pics of the boys from last year during the same week.

Have a great week everyone!


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