Saturday, February 15, 2014

Disney on Ice Fun

 Last night Pedar picked up Liam and Lila and I picked up our kids and Papa Murphy's and we met at the house to eat and get ready to go to Disney on Ice. Pedar was able to score some tickets and we had enough for Nana and Papa to come too.
The show was really great!
Crazy rope routine by Ariel.

The kids had fun playing in the closet during intermission.
I love having some girl time with my Lila!

Yep, we bought one cotton candy and one popcorn. Split between four kids was just right.
The cotton candy came with a crown for our princess!
I think Nana had the best time of everyone. She loves Disney!! You are adorable, Nana!!
The show didn't end till 9 p.m. All the kids were tired, even the parents. It was a LONG walk back to the car through the crowds. We were very happy to get home, blow up some mattresses and put them to bed. Thankfully, everyone slept really well. Woo Hoo!! We love cousin time!

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