Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Edwards Crossing

After waking up slow on Sunday, and after cleaning house, grocery shopping and baseball practice, we decided to get out of town for a few hours. We drove to Nevada City to Edwards Crossing. We were hoping that the ladybugs would still be all over the Madrone Tree, but there were only a few left. It didn't matter though, the hike, weather and scenery didn't let us down. It was gorgeous. We enjoyed the drive and the peaceful scenery and hike. It was wonderful. Fingers crossed: This may also be the only time I've been on this hike and not gotten Poison Oak! Yahoo! Another first: Erik hiked the entire way, no breaks and no holding. He is a hiking machine!
We came across the coolest rock sculptures. All the guys tried making them.
Casey LOVES photo-bombing! Erik is making this weird lips-over-teeth smile lately.
I love him so much.
Love that Casey is turning into a photographer!
No idea why he laid down on the bridge. Maybe he wanted to make sure it could hold his weight!!

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