Thursday, February 13, 2014

My kid is so cool

Casey as Abraham Lincoln

Casey presented his biography report today on Abraham Lincoln. He read two books about Abe and created a terrific desktop presentation. He also had to write a letter to John Booth, the man who killed Abe. His letter explained why Abe thought ending slavery was good for our country and why John needed to agree. 

I learned a lot about our sixteenth president. I also learned that Casey is a self-starter and very responsible. He finished his report Friday night and practiced his presentation in front of us twice. We didn't have to press him to complete the worksheets or read his books. He was excited to complete his project and that made us so darn happy. He has come so far this year. We are so proud of our Casey! 

I am so lucky to have such cool kids. No one said parenting would be easy, but I don't think we talk enough about how much FUN it is to be a parent! I have FUN with my kids and I am so grateful to be a parent. It is a privilege to know and love them.

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