Saturday, March 1, 2014

15 more days

We helped sweet Melanie move this morning for a few hours and then we got home and I went out to do my 9.5 mile run. I made it 7.5 miles, which means next week I have to shoot straight for 10! 

 I did not prepare enough this week.
Only got two runs in and the wine I enjoyed last night didn't help either. I have 14 days till I run 13.1 miles. I can do it. I just want to feel a bit more like I tried hard, you know? So, it's go time. The next 14 days are on! 

In the last two months I have been to the gym more than I have in years. I'm getting my sleepy self up -- but this week I found myself slipping back into my old nighttime ways and that has to stop! The only time I have to run/workout is in the morning so I need to keep this commitment to myself!!

I just want thank my family and friends for their support. I want to especially thank my Cap City Moms who keep me accountable! We are doing this thing together and I am grateful that I've had you to help me work towards this goal!

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  1. You are doing great. Don't beat yourself up! Love you!!!