Friday, March 14, 2014

Free to be you and me

Tonight was Casey's last performance of his school musical,"Free to be you and me." The last three evenings have even chaotic and tiresome, but magical and rewarding. I supervised 40 second and third graders back stage on Wednesday and Thursday night and that was hell. The kids were locked in a classroom for three hours, only leaving to perform for a bit and then come back. Their energy was crazy. The room was a mess and the noise! Oh my goodness! 
Tonight I got to sit and watch the show. Casey was spoiled with family and friends attending his show all week long. Thank you family for making Casey feel so special! Dagny and Dean and the Hausman's came Wednesday. Nana, Pop Pop,Mel and Jacob went Thursday. And tonight he had us, Mor Mor and Pops, Bridget, Chuck, Liam, Lila and Josh, Jen, Mason and Ellie!! It's been far too long since we've seen the Ray's! We love them so much and regret how long it has taken to get together!!
The show was fantastic with beautiful messages throughout! Our cousin Annika did a fantastic job and Casey was great too! I loved watching him sing and say his lines and lift a little kindergartner up in the air!
What a great night! Oh and the cast party afterwards was so sweet!
The stars of the show on the wall!! So awesome!!!

Tomorrow we switch gears and celebrate opening day of baseball! Sunday is my half marathon!!! I didn't run at all this week. I wish I had-- but I'm not going to beat myself up. This week was a bit hellish for so many reasons. I can run 13.1 miles. I can do it and I'm excited, that's half of it right there baby!!!
Picture of me with my guys after I finished  10.5 on Sunday. I can do this!!
No! No sleeping in on any of the weekend days. It's overrated right?!!

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