Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How much cents/sense do I have?

Tuesday morning before school. Erik has a mean Nutella face going on!
Erik and I before his game on Monday. He's almost too big for my hip. Sniff sniff. Erik has been asking me lately, "Mom, how many scents does your phone have?!" I said, "What are you talking about? I think you're asking how much battery I have left?" And then I understood! We always mention the percentage of battery power we have left.  Casey will say, "Hey Mom, you only have 7 percent left on your phone!" Erik heard the cent part-- not the percent. So damn cute!
Gorgeous night for baseball.
Cutest catcher there ever was!
Stopped at Skips Kitchen for dinner after the game Monday.
At Eastern Little League, every player gets a snow cone after a game. So awesome!

Tuesday evening was a rare night. I got home from work and didn't have to run off to baseball or a school meeting or event. I helped Casey with homework, did some laundry and cleaned up. Pedar made dinner and before dinner we walked Curly. Almost felt like a weekend-- but lately our weekends have felt crazy.

Erik asked tonight if he had school tomorrow. I said," Yep. Three more wake-up's and then it's the weekend and no school." He said,"But when do we not have school?" I get it. This kid wants a break, for more than just two mornings on the weekend. I do too, buddy. It's coming. We will take some time off from school and work soon. This crazy pace of work, school, baseball, chores and events is making me a little cuckoo! 

Out of the mouth of babes comes such wisdom. He just wants to snuggle more and slow down. I want that too!
Casey drew the picture and his friend wrote the story.
Pedar and I are getting excited about working on an outside project! We are going to remove the rotting deck off the garage and put pavers in this area. The rest of the area will be decomposed granite and a garden on the left. We still need to remove monster bush and trim a lot of stuff out front, but we hope to get to that this fall.

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