Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

We bought a piano from a friend.

 I love that you can see when it was tuned written on the piano.

We rented a U-Haul and drove to Lodi Saturday morning to pick up an upright piano. She was selling it for $250. It needs to be tuned, but it is in great condition. I always wanted a piano. I've always wanted to be able to play and sing. I am going to learn how to play and so are my boys. At the least, they will learn how to read music. We drove to Lodi to pick it up. We really didn't expect it to weigh so damn much. It must be over 700 pounds. Damn. Thank goodness Tiffani had a friend at her house who was willing to help us push and heave it into the trailer. Once we got home, we backed the trailer into the garage and borrowed our neighbors muscles to help push it down the lifts. Our neighbor lent us his lifts, but the piano was so damn heavy, the lifts almost split in half! Pedar had to replace his boards to make new lifts. 
The piano is now waiting in the garage for the dudes we hired to arrive tomorrow to move into the house. Yes, the path to the front door is so far away from the driveway that we need muscles to help us move it out and up the steps into the house. It still needs to be tuned. We really hope that after we get it into the house ($250(piano) + $100(muscles) =$350) it can be tuned well.
Our vents were disgusting. Not after a little scrubbing! Spring cleaning has begun!
The rest of Saturday we cleaned and did yard work. Sunday morning I woke up and ran almost 11 miles. I am ready for the Shamrockin. I'm not happy with how slow I am, but I feel OK about making my body move for 13.1 miles. That is the most I have ran/walked-EVER! You know what I've learned from all this training? I learned that I didn't train enough. I can be honest with you. I ran maybe three times a week. I always did my long run on the weekends and at best, two runs during the week. Sometimes I ran four times, but that was rare. I was supposed to be doing some kind of cross training during the week as well, but that fell off. A little over 8 weeks ago, I decided to begin training to run 13.1 miles. I had not been working out. I wanted/needed a goal to get my ass back in exercise clothes and this did the trick. My Cap City Mom's and I are training for this race together. We're not doing it to break records. I'm doing it to prove to myself that I can do hard things and complete goals. I want to be stronger.  I want to have more stamina. I'm glad I started exercising again and I look forward to keeping it up!
 Anyhoo! After my run, I cleaned up and got ready for a fun day. Pedar and Casey left to St. John's for his first Holy Communion class. Erik has been wanting to go to Fairytale Town so I decided to take him! But when we got there, I looked across the street at Funderland and asked him if he'd rather go ride some rides. He said, "YES!" So off we went to Funderland. We rode some awesome rides and laughed! It was an awesome afternoon.
I can't believe he is five-years-old and will be starting Kindergarten in less than five months.
Erik loved the dragon roller coaster the best!!
Guess who fell asleep on the way home? Little dude did. But, Annika and Gavin and Pedar, Dawn and Aunt Lorraine were waiting in our driveway so I could help Annika with her solo for the school musical. It was so awesome to visit with them a bit and show them how much the house has changed since there were here last.Wow! Annika has a GORGEOUS voice. I was so happy to spend some time with her listening to her sing. I remember being that young and nervous. I didn't have any solo's in the sixth grade, but I was Annie in the 8th grade. Probably the tallest Annie ever.  Annika and Casey will be performing this week in the school musical, Wednesday thru Friday. I am so excited!! Hope you all have a great week. Between Casey's play (Wed-Friday) and Opening Day for baseball (for both boys) on Saturday and Shamrockin on Sunday--this week is sure to be CRAZY!!! Hope you all have a good one!! Smooches!!

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  1. LOVE this. I'm so freaking proud of you. Of all of us. LOVE YOU!!