Monday, April 14, 2014

Change in the backyard

Most of you know that removing "monster bush" from my front yard used to be my priority/fantasy. But after removing the cactus and planting some perennials and cleaning things up in the front, I am now focused on the backyard. We will get to monster bush, but Spring is here and it's about to get hot. We need to clean up the backyard and prepare for pool parties. 
             Look!! The pool is blue! 

How do we do that? We first need to get rid of the standing water under the bridge. We bought a $24 dollar pump today and Pedar got the water out! This little wasteland under the bridge has been neglected for so many years.
Our backyard needs a hug. We have only two sprinklers in the front and back. We need to put it in a lot of pipe and we don't have time right now. We don't have enough sprinklers to keep the grass green-- oh well! So, in order to see a difference immediately- I decided to paint the bridge today. I got a couple coats of primer on, but I need to spray the rest.

 I am excited to plant Lillie's under the bridge and clean the terrible overgrowth near it. We are also going to trim/clean the side yard by the kitchen. It is crazy. I'm also afraid that area is what caused the termites, and I don't want to tent our house again-- so we need to get rid of the leftover tree stumps, wood piles and crap left behind.

So, as always, safety first! Remove the yuck before you beautify. I love a blank canvas, before we plan the beauty. Just you wait, this yard is going to be so beautiful!! I am so excited!

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