Monday, April 7, 2014

Communion party and more!

Friday evening started with a work celebration! Western Health Advantage has over 107, 000 members! Woo Hoo!
I picked up the boys and headed home to start cleaning and preparing to host Casey's Holy Communion party on Sunday. We had ordered 8 yards of bark and needed to move that around the yard and get it off our driveway. We also had baseball and needed to clean and cook. I needed this picture of supergirl to help inspire me to get it all done!!
 Pedar and I worked for several hours on this pile after baseball on Saturday. Around 4 p.m., when we still hadn't mowed the lawns or cleaned the backyard, we felt a bit depressed and really tired. But we rallied and got it all done. We ignored the kids most of the day, and we felt bad about that, but we made up for it on Sunday!

This is me, just getting started around 1 p.m. I was sure we were going to knock it out within two hours. Nope!
At St. John's with Nana.
Very sleepy, but ready for a beautiful Communion service.
Casey carried up the wine. He looked so handsome!
After church we hosted a celebration. It was our first "real" party at our house. We have had several small events, but I felt the most prepared for this one. Every time we host an event at our house, I feel like the good vibes of our family and friends stick to our walls. Every event makes our house feel more like home.
Our small kitchen did really well! 

Our yard may not be anything like what we wish it looked like right now, but it did the trick! I think everyone felt welcomed!

We celebrated the Birthday girl!!
Janet made delicious root beer floats for everyone! Thank you, Janet!
Because we most likely won't all be together on Easter, we did an egg hunt!

After the party, we played outside for hours.
In the evening, I took Curly for a walk by myself and thanked the heavens for such a beautiful day. I will never forget this beautiful day. Thank you! Thank you!

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