Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Root Beer

I stayed home from work yesterday. Erik wasn't feeling well. He was up most of the night. I got dressed and ready to go to work and I could not get him moving. I finally just gave in, answered emails and waited for him to wake up. 
9:45 a.m. he finally wakes up.
We spent a lazy morning on the couch. I answered some emails and he colored and watched Up. Man that movie makes me cry. 

We ran an errand to the hardware store to get some mint (mojitos anyone?), rosemary and parsley. I've decided to just plant some herbs in pots for now until we can plan where we want our garden beds. 

After our errand, we unloaded and changed our clothes. We were both wearing pants and long-sleeve shirts and it was 85 degrees outside. Ugh. Hot. So not used to this warm weather. We picked up Casey. He didn't know I had stayed home. He thought he was going to Discovery Club after school, so it was a nice surprise when Erik ran up to him and yelled, "Casey!"

We got home, unpacked and settled in for homework and snacks. I couldn't wait to put my new plants in their pots and clean up a bit. I gave the boys some root beer. About thirty seconds later, Erik accidentally dropped his root beer and it bounced off the countertop and  sprayed all over the kitchen. It was everywhere. Everything was such a mess.

45 minutes later, I have hosed the rug, scrubbed the floor and all the cabinets. I have vowed to make my children drink out of cups with lids until they are 18. I don't care. I am not cleaning up liquids again.

I finally get outside to plant. The mosquitoes are terrible, but I am determined. I get it all done. Pedar arrives home. We do the nighttime routine: Dinner, make lunches, bath/shower, pajamas, read books, yell at kids to go to sleep. I take a shower, take a Tylenol PM and fall asleep at 9:30 p.m. 

Today is going to be a good day. Everyone is in their places with shiny happy faces. Let's do this, people!

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