Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beautiful day

Today was Erik's last baseball game. His coaches, teammates and the other parents made this season so great! 
The celebration after the game was as expected-- flipping fantastic!! We had such a good time. I was sad to say goodbye to such a loving group of parents and kids.

Casey spent the day with Mor Mor and Pops! They painted and went out to lunch. When we picked him up late this afternoon, he was buzzing! It was great for Erik to be with his friends without Casey around. There was no fighting for several hours. I felt my shoulders drop down and my step get bouncier!

We came home and mowed lawns and watched a funny movie. Pedar is playing poker tonight with an awesome bunch of Dad's. This week was a hard one for Pedar. It's hard to see your partner struggle, but it's just work. There are plenty of awesome people at his job that he loves working with and always help him keep his spirits up when things are hard!

Thank goodness for kind and compassionate people! Thank goodness for coworkers who make you laugh! Thank goodness for a paycheck! 

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