Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!

I am so lucky to be a Mom. It is all I ever wanted. I woke to breakfast in bed. My boys gave me a bike basket filled with beautiful perennials. They know I prefer plants to flowers in a vase.
It's been a fantastic weekend. Yesterday,
Erik had baseball and then we jumped in the car to drive to Brentwood to celebrate my Uncle Steve's 65th birthday.  It was a surprise party that my cousin put together quickly and it turned out so fantastic!! A lot of people showed up to celebrate a great man!!
I got to meet baby Steven Frings. He is seven months old today and so precious. He fell asleep in my arms -- what an awesome moment!!
I want to stop here and wish all the mama's a Happy Mother's Day!! I am inspired by so many beautiful and loving women: Lane Christine, Karen, Sierra, Bridget, Margery, Sue, Katie, Twanet, Carina, Lisa, Dawn, Lorraine, Melanie, Jill, Elena, Karen, Kathy, Stephanie and so many more. Thank you all for your love and support. 


  1. I love the photo of you with Baby Steven and I'm so glad you took it! My iPhone stopped taking photos so I don't have any from that day. It was great seeing you and the family!