Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pt. Reyes camping trip

Jason and his army depot tent that barely fit his cot. Everyday Jason would say, "I love camping!" It was really cold at night and really warm during the day. It was hard to look forward to sleeping.
We arrived to Camp Olema and set up our tents. The four boys in our group did a good job setting up their tent. Jason, Patty and I all had our own tents. The first night we let the boys all sleep together, only having to get our of our tents to make them stop talking a few times. The second night, Jason tried to make the calm down, but it didn't work, so I made one boy come out and sleep in his Grandma's tent. I gave him the option of sleeping in mine, but I think I scared him.
The final night, we separated all the boys into one of the adults tents. I slept in the boys tent with Casey and another kid. Jason and his son slept in my tent and Patty slept with her grandson in hers. We had a 5 a.m. wake up call Friday morning to go to the tide pools. The boys hadn't done super great with a 6:15 a.m. wake up to make breakfast and I was not going to be the last one at the tide pools. The boys were good with me and went to sleep quickly. I was the warmest that night out of all three nights.
Tule Elk Reserve. Absolutely gorgeous! Great hike.
Hearts Desire Beach in Tomales Bay State Park.
So far, I did not bring home the Oak with me. Still hoping I remain Oak free.
The meal preparation was well organized! Every child helped with at least one meal. They had to prepare and serve and then clean up.  
Every night the kids performed skits and we sang songs. The teachers read from the "kindness" jar. It was a very sweet way to end each day.
We switched our days around so we actually went to the Bird Observatory on Wednesday and Bear Valley on Thursday. 
 Cleaning dishes

 Serving breakfast.

Some of the kids needed a bit more holding and hugging throughout the trip, especially the ones who didn't have their Mom's. I was happy to help out.

Throughout the trip the kids would stop and write in their journals. They could write a poem or draw a picture of what they saw or learned. It was very restful and sweet.

I am so grateful for the time I spent with Casey this week. Being able to see your child around his peers, was brilliant. I got to know who my Casey is even more. He is a beautiful boy and I am honored to be his Mom.

 Casey's class. I wish we had taken a picture of all three third grade classes. Oops!
We got home close to 4 p.m., dropped off Jason and Logan and picked up Erik at Montessori. They were VERY HAPPY to see one another. I think my heart grew bigger. We got home, unpacked, took a LONG shower and Pedar finally arrived home from work with sushi and wine for Mama. Beautiful ending to a magical week.


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