Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day after the wedding

The day after the wedding Karen and Jim hosted a brunch in their beautiful backyard.

I forced Dagny to open my gift to them. Congrats you two!!
I love these ladies!!
Erik loves spicy Doritos!

We left the party and prepared our house for Ferno!! Pedar ran to the hardware store so he could fix the gate so she can't get out. Our house needs a lot of new fences and gates. Yeah. We are watching Dagny and Dean's little precious Ferno while they are on their honeymoon!
She can't get out now! I'm glad we fixed this gate. Curly got out the other day and came to the front door! Pedar and Casey drove over to Dagny's on Sunday evening and picked up Ferno and brought her home. This is where she sleeps.

Curly and Ferno getting used to one another!

The first night went great. The next day we got home from work and daycare and jumped in the pool with Ferno. She loves swimming!!
After swimming we took her for a walk.
She was pretty tired last night. We cuddled on the couch while watching a show.

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